Data Science with Neo4j 3.5

Learn about doing Data Science and Machine Learning with Neo4j 3.5

About the Course

Note: This course has been deprecated as we no longer support Neo4j 3.5 in our Neo4j Sandboxes. If you are already enrolled in this course and have an active sandbox, you can use it until your sandbox expires, but you will no longer be able to create a Sandbox for this course.

This course introduces you to using Neo4j as part of your Data Science and Machine Learning workflows. We’re going to learn how to do this with the help of the citation dataset. This dataset contains papers, authors, and citations from DBLP – a computer science bibliography website. This course is intended for data scientists and data analysts. This self-paced training should take you three hours to complete if you perform all of the hands-on exercises in the course.

Topics Outline

  • Data Science with Neo4j

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Recommendations

  • Predictions

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