Graph Data Modeling for Neo4j

Learn how to model your application data as a Neo4j graph data model.

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About the Course

Hands-on Learning

This course has been replaced by the Neo4j Data Modeling Fundamentals course on the brand new GraphAcademy website.

Head over to the new GraphAcademy website now for a brand new range of interactive, hands-on courses.

This online course is a collection of lessons and hands-on exercises that teach you how to create a graph data model that is best suited for a Neo4j database. You will learn how to model your application domain as a graph using Neo4j best practices.


You need not have any programming experience to take this course.


If you perform all of the hands-on exercises in this course, it will take you four hours to complete the course.

What you will learn

  • What a graph data model is for a Neo4j database.

  • How to design your initial graph data model.

  • Some core graph data modeling principles.

  • Some common graph structures.

  • How to refactor and evolve a graph data model.

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