Introduction to Neo4j 4.0

About this course

This course introduces you to graph databases and how to use Neo4j and Cypher to query and update a Neo4j database.

This course is intended for developers, administrators, architects, data scientists, and data analysts. You need not have programming experience to take this training.

In this course, you complete hands-on exercises to gain experience with Neo4j. You can complete the hands-on exercises in one of three ways, using:

  • Neo4j Desktop

  • Neo4j Sandbox

  • Neo4j Aura

At the end of each lesson are a set of questions that you must answer correctly to mark the lesson as completed. If you complete all lessons, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you perform the hands-on exercises, this course will take you approximately 16 hours to complete.

This Course is published by Neo4j per this License for Use.

Lesson Overview

Here are the lessons of this course:

  1. Neo4j is a Graph Database

  2. The Neo4j Graph Platform

  3. Introduction to Cypher

  4. Using Where to Filter Queries

  5. Working with Patterns

  6. Working with Cypher Data

  7. Controlling the Query Chain

  8. Controlling Results Returned

  9. Creating Nodes

  10. Creating Relationships

  1. Deleting Nodes and Relationships

  2. Merging Data in the Graph

  3. Defining Constraints for your Data

  4. Using Indexes

  5. Using Query Best Practices

  6. Overview of Importing Data into Neo4j

  7. Using LOAD CSV for Import

  8. Using APOC for Import

  9. Using the neo4j-admin tool for Import

  10. Using an Application for Import


We have set up a discussion area in our Neo4j Community Site, if you run into problems in the course and need assistance. You can register on the community site where you view other questions and answers for students taking our online training courses. The Neo4j Community Site is an excellent resource for answering many types of questions posed by other users of Neo4j.

Here are some resources you will use as you learn about Neo4j and Cypher for this course: