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From fraud detection and real-time recommendations to network security and master data applications, Neo4j powers some of the most essential enterprise use cases for connected data.

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Transforming Logistics: Real-time Routing and Tracking with Neo4j


Next-Gen Master Data Management Comes to Marketing at Pitney Bowes


Walmart Optimizes Customer Experience with Real-time Recommendations

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Google Kubernetes Engine and Neo4j: Ease, Power and Flexibility

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a hosted, managed version of Kubernetes. As such, it is a great environment for developers to start experimenting with the many use cases for Neo4j. Neo4j is available through the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, so developers familiar with Kubernetes can have Neo4j

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Avoiding Database JOINs: 5-Minute Interview with Michael Wytock

"There are huge performance concerns running certain queries on data that is more connected," said Michael Wytock, CEO of Coshx. Technology consulting firm Coshx uses Neo4j whenever it sees a lot of database JOINs in a client’s current architecture, knowing performance will be greatly improved. In

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From Collections to Connections: Where Hadoop Adoption Goes from Here

“These guys are killing it!” Back in 2013, I was contacted by my friend Randy who’s a long-time Bay Area tech recruiter. He was looking for sales and marketing referrals for a company called MapR. He really couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. “I haven’t seen one like this in 20

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