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From fraud detection and real-time recommendations to network security and master data applications, Neo4j powers some of the most essential enterprise use cases for connected data.

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Transforming Logistics - Real-time Routing and Tracking with Neo4j


Next-Gen Master Data Management Comes to Marketing at Pitney Bowes


Walmart Optimizes Customer Experience with Real-time Recommendations

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Neo4j Blog
Network Science: The Hidden Field behind Machine Learning, Economics and Genetics That You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of – An Interview with Dr. Aaron Clauset [Part 1]

I recently had the opportunity to combine work and pleasure and meet with Dr. Aaron Clauset, an expert on network science, data science and complex systems. In 2016, Clauset won the Erdos-Renyi Prize in Network Science but you might be more familiar with his earlier research into power-laws, link prediction

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Neo4j Blog
Retail & Neo4j: Network & IT Management for Retailers

In order to re-invent the value chain from linear to circular and highly connected, retailers need to modernize their IT infrastructure rapidly and cost-effectively. In addition, web-based retailers must find a way to handle scale and sophistication to remain competitive. After all, Amazon – their

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Getting Started with Data Analysis using Neo4j [Community Post]

Why Are We Doing This? Data analysis is the phenomenon of dissecting, structuring and understanding data. In a nutshell, we want to find meaning from our data. In this tutorial, we aim to analyze a dataset from The goal is to find answers to a variety of simple and complex questions. There

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