Cypher for Spark developer – Malmö, Sweden or London, UK

To Apply: All candidates should submit a CV or resumé and cover letter to

Here at Neo Technology, we’re on the lookout for software engineers to join our Cypher for Spark team. We’re working on a next generation Cypher query engine for executing analytical graph queries on Apache Spark. You will directly work on modern, functional scala code that compiles declarative Cypher queries to native, highly-optimized spark jobs. As a Cypher for Spark engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing and building our next generation Cypher engine for analytical processing, craft APIs for using the engine in the Apache Spark environment, and work on tooling for the integration of external graph data sources.

You’ll be based in either our engineering HQ in Malmö, Sweden or our office in London, and will travel on occasion between the two. You’ll be working with an exceptional international team that stretches from New Zealand to Silicon Valley and some of the smartest, most varied and fun people in the industry. Under certain circumstances working from remote or another location may be possible in a European timezone.

We expect that:
  • you like functional programming in Scala and know your way around the JVM ecosystem
  • you have experience working with or extending Apache Spark and related technology
  • you understand the principles of query planning and algebraic query optimization
  • you understand the basics of query language compilation and type theory
  • you are interested in graph data processing
  • you have a strong foundation in algorithm design/analysis
  • you are interested in transferring academic research into production grade products
We don’t expect you to have experience across all these areas. We have a mix of different skills in our team. Many of our teams are spread over two or more locations so you should be comfortable working as part of a distributed team.