Senior Security Engineer

To Apply: ALL APPLICANTS please email a CV AND covering letter to

Location: UK (London) or Sweden (Malmö)

At Neo4j we make the world’s leading graph database. We take security seriously, with all engineers responsible for evaluating security implications, and choosing secure designs. We’re now looking to expand our security expertise by hiring an experienced software engineer who has specialised in security concerns. We would like this person to take holistic architectural ownership of the security aspects of our expanding product range.

In this role, you will:

  • Work as part of the Engineering organisation at Neo4j as we continue to deliver our industry-leading database software to our customers in finance and other industries.
  • Collaborate directly with other engineers to provide coaching and expertise in choosing the right processes and technologies.
  • Pair-program with engineers to implement secure designs.
  • Coordinate penetration testing of our products and assist in developing an automated approach to verify their ongoing integrity.
  • Act as a stakeholder for the security-focused features of our products, including secure network communications, authentication and access control. This will require working closely with our Product Management team.
  • Convene the company’s Security Interest Group, be responsible for all security-related technical documentation released with our products and help promote a culture of security awareness across the organisation.
We’re looking for people who have:
  • An active interest in computer and network security
  • Knowledge of industry standards and best practices
  • A solid understanding of threat modelling and penetration testing
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Recent coding experience in at least one major programming language