To Apply: All candidates must submit a CV and letter to:

Location: London or Malmö, Sweden

We are looking for developers to join the team responsible for building, improving and maintaining the operations surface of Neo4j. We build our product for everyone who interacts with it and are passionate about ease of use. If you have experience of operating software in production and have a desire to make that process easier for others, then this is the right team for you.

  You should also have experience of one or more of the following:
  • the Java programming language and ecosystem
  • Linux shell scripting or Powershell
  • Linux or Windows packaging
  • Linux or Windows system administration
  • using public cloud services
  • operating Neo4j or another database in production
  • containers and orchestration
  • security testing and remediation

As well as working on Neo4j directly, the team has responsibility for advising other teams on the operational aspects of their work. We’re looking for people who are comfortable sharing their expertise with others and who can help guide the development of the Neo4j product surface.

Some of the projects we work on:

Many of our teams are spread over two or more locations so you should be comfortable working as part of a distributed team.