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Become a Neo4j Community Maven

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you truly passionate about Neo4j?
  • Do you love learning about new technologies and see how others are using graphs?
  • Does talking about how you use Neo4j to solve problems excite you?
  • Do you love helping people learn about using graphs?
  • Do you have 1-2 hours/week to devote to helping us grow the Neo4j community?
  • Do you see graphs everywhere?

What does it mean to be a Neo4j Community Maven?

  • Lead the organization of meetups/events in your area.
  • Lead community programming in your region in conjunction with any of our international programs (ex. if Neo4j is hosting a global hackathon, you’d be responsible for leading it in your area)
  • Maintain communication with local Neo4j community.
  • Create event partnerships with other organizations, groups, and community mavens in your area.
  • Provide feedback, suggestions, and share possible external opportunities for Neo4j community involvement.


Why should you be a Neo4j Community Maven?

  • Build your reputation as an expert
  • Network in your local tech community
  • Access opportunities and connections within the Neo4j ecosystem
  • Volunteer your time for something you love

It’s a big responsibility, but it’s fun! Plus, we can help you the whole way!

How we will support you as a Community Maven?

  • Support from Neo4j’s Community Manager with organization and implementation of events and campaigns.
  • Access to internal programs and support around community development
  • Access to resources and opportunities with global organizations for collaboration opportunities
  • Reimbursement for food costs of meetups/events.
  • Cover the cost of meetup fees and swag for give-a-ways at events.
  • Personal connections and introductions to other Community Mavens in the Neo4j community
  • Promotion of your events across our networks, events pages, and newsletters



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* Please note: this is not a paid position *
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