Here are titles more than a dozen successful executives say helped them succeed in business and life.

10. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink

“This book provided me with a framework for something that I’ve always intuited: There’s something much broader than financial compensation that drives all of us. Western economics was built on the foundation that ‘homo economicus’ is driven by monetary incentives, but on the flip side there’s robust research proving that the opposite is true. For non-monotonous, creative work, rewards based solely upon financial incentives actually lead to worse performance. This made me start thinking about the bigger picture of how motivation works. I realized that the answer is simple. After our basic financial needs are met, what motivates us the most are three things: finding mastery in our work, feeling autonomy in determining our future, and feeling connected to a higher purpose, something bigger and more meaningful than ourselves.”

–Emil Eifrem, founder and CEO of Neo4j, a graph database company that recently raised $80 million in a Series E led by One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, bringing its total funding to $160 million