TechTarget published the conversation among Jack Vaughan, Senior News Writer at TechTarget, Philip Rathle, vice president of products at Neo4j, Brant Boehmann, senior software engineer at Scripps Networks Interactive, Chris Goodacre, software development manager at Scripps Networks Interactive, and Forrester analyst Noel Yuhanna. The article takes a deep dive into the Apache Spark news in particular, while also discussing the overall advantages of graph databases. A significant portion of the article is also devoted to Scripps Network Interactive’s use case of Neo4j and how its graph-based asset manager grew from earlier work on an LDAP. Scripps Network’s Brant Boehmann and Chris Goodacre both spoke with Jack over the phone. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Our need is to keep track of a large number of relationships — about 45 million-plus,” Boehmann said in an interview. He said Neo4j performance has scaled efficiently over three years, as the number of data points in the database has expanded. Moreover, the Neo4j graph database supports a high level of abstraction. Boehmann called the Neo4j graph database models easily describable and “whiteboard-friendly.

Also as mentioned above, Forrester analyst and fellow GraphConnect NYC speaker Noel Yuhanna also provided commentary for this article:

A major benefit is the graph’s focus on connected data that helps organizations ask more complex questions without having to do more complex programing, according to Noel Yuhanna, report author and Forrester analyst.

Finally, Jack outlines how Neo4j is now a graph platform, not just a database:

A continuous string of updates has actually made Neo4j more a platform, rather than just a database, according to Philip Rathle, vice president of products at Neo4j. Improvements have included a desktop developer console, graph analytics and data integration tools.”
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