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Production-Ready Solutions Powered by Neo4j

Integrate and embed Neo4j to achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Many unique, production-ready solutions are powered by Neo4j in areas ranging from network and IT operations to logistics, cybersecurity, and even content management systems.

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Build Production Solutions with Neo4j


Watch: Network and IT Ops Series: Build Production Solutions

Network and IT Ops Series: Build Production Solutions Video

Are you building a breakthrough product or extending an existing one? Do you need to introduce new capabilities based on insights from data relationships? If so, you should consider embedding Neo4j.

Watch this recorded webinar to discover how to differentiate your applications and take your solutions to marker faster.

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OEM Partner Highlights

The world's top solution providers are embedding Neo4j


Quickly Build Unique Solutions on Neo4j

Neo4j OEM Partner: Differentiate Your Solutions

Differentiate Your Solutions

  • Augment and enhance existing applications to better leverage data relationships and integrate siloed of information.
  • Capitalize on new market opportunities by creating products and services that uncover hidden patterns and insights.
  • Provide performance at scale with native-graph technology designed to query highly connected data and improve response times from minutes to milliseconds when compared to relational databases (RDMS).
  • Offer the assurance of partnering with the graph technology market leader with thousands of deployments and 24/7 production applications. Leverage enterprise capabilities that include:
    • High-performance caching
    • Enterprise lock manager
    • Clustering options
    • Hot back-ups
    • Advanced monitoring
Neo4j OEM Partner: Take Solutions to Market Faster

Take Solutions to Market Faster

  • Prototype faster with data models that reflect real-world business models as opposed to relational databases that require very time-intensive programming and JOINs to relate data.
  • Complete rapid proof-of-concept projects by taking advantage of our proven methodologies to ensure you get the most out of integrating Neo4j. We provide expertise, training and workshops to ensure OEM partner success.
  • Quickly execute when it's time to take concepts into production with the simplicity of storing all data elements and relationships within a native graph database as opposed to the complexity and overhead of implementing solutions layered on top of a relational store.
  • Quickly iterate and expand solutions with our highly flexible data model that enables you to easily add, remove or change data elements and sources more efficiently without changing the database schema.
Neo4j OEM Partner: Leverage Flexible Pricing and OEM Experience

Leverage Flexible Pricing and OEM Experience

  • Obtain a pricing model that fits your business model and cost of goods. We design flexible pricing and support models to ensure long-term, equitable partnerships.
  • Lower your costs by integrating and embedding advanced graph capabilities for less than the cost of implementing traditional relational database solutions.
  • Enjoy a straightforward partnership with our easy-to-work-with team, low-overhead processes and experience helping OEM partners succeed in various industries. We are 100% dedicated to graph solutions and helping our partner ecosystem thrive.