The Leading Graph Data Platform on Microsoft Azure

Developers and data scientists on Microsoft Azure can accelerate graph adoption to build today’s intelligent applications and machine learning (ML) workflows with Neo4j – the most deployed and trusted graph data platform.

Neo4j on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Fast, Powerful Insights from Data Relationships

Neo4j on Microsoft Azure empowers developers and data scientists to quickly build scalable, AI-driven applications or analyze big data with algorithms. As a native graph database built to store data and connect the relationships, Neo4j enables fast, deeply contextual insights.

Uncompromising Performance at Any Scale

Neo4j stores and manages data in its more natural, connected state, maintaining data relationships to deliver lightning-fast queries, deeper context for analytics, and a pain-free modifiable data model.

Developer Productivity and Agility

Build apps faster and easier with drivers, native tools, and integrations to manipulate, visualize, and analyze your data, all with the support of the largest graph community. Simplify your queries with Cypher, the powerful, intuitive, and graph-optimized query language.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability

Designed to meet your most stringent security and compliance requirements, Neo4j offers world-class security and data privacy with end-to-end encryption, granular role-based, and schema-based access controls. Neo4j is ACID compliant and fault-tolerant with a distributed cluster architecture.

The Graph Technology Leader

The creator and leader of the graph database category, Neo4j continues to expand the limits of graph technology, helping empower the largest active community of 220,000 developers, data scientists, and architects working to solve the world's most complex and valuable data problems.


Available on Azure Marketplace

Neo4j Enterprise Edition is available via the Azure Marketplace. Simplify your procurement with a unified cloud bill for all your Microsoft Azure services and Neo4j usage. Use your Azure spending commitments towards Neo4j costs.

Neo4j on Azure Marketplace


Flexible Deployment Options

Over 70 percent of Neo4j customer deployments are in the public cloud.


Neo4j Enterprise Edition

Deploy a Neo4j Enterprise Edition database cluster in your own Azure account. Use your custom cloud configuration and security (virtual private cloud, bring-your-own-key/license), and integrate it with the cloud services you need for your most important graph workloads.

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Neo4j Graph Data Science

Uncover the connections in your big data to answer business-critical questions and improve predictions. Data scientists can analyze relationships in a flexible, scalable workspace through a library of pre-tuned algorithms, data preparation techniques, and graph-native machine learning (ML) models. Integration with your existing data science tools and workflows accelerates the path from POC to production.

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With Built-in Tools

Neo4j Bloom

For easy graph visualization
and exploration


An intuitive,
graph-optimized query language

Neo4j Developer Tools

Desktop and Browser for fast development of applications


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How to deploy Neo4j on Azure

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