Neo4j Bloom

Friendly Graph Database Visualization, Exploration and Collaboration tool

Explore Connections. Visualize the Value.

Neo4j Bloom is an easy-to-use graph exploration application for visually interacting with Neo4j graphs.

Bloom gives graph novices and experts the ability to visually investigate and explore their graph data from different business perspectives. Its illustrative, codeless search-to-visualization design makes it the ideal interface for fostering communication between peers, managers and executives, and share the innovative work of their graph development and analytics teams.

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Neo4j Bloom's Intuitive, Friendly Experience

Neo4j Bloom explores high risk accounts

Enhanced Exploration

  • Look for categories, labels relationships and graph patterns with a natural type-to-search interface.
  • Inspect and edit data elements including properties, relationships and adjacent neighbors.
  • Customize graph visualizations with millions of colors and property-based styles
  • Identify influential nodes, relationships and neighbors using data-driven rules for styling.
  • More easily traverse complicated graphs with user-controlled path expansion.

Powerful Collaboration

  • Improve cross-team collaboration with codeless search-to-story design.
  • Simplify complex queries using custom Cypher-based functions and parameter specifications.
  • Define, save and share graph perspectives and assign role-based access to each one.
  • Extract results to different formats, and share with other teams or use in another application.
  • Host the Bloom web application on Neo4j’s web server or your own.

Ready to take Bloom for a test drive? Try it in a Neo4j sandbox, either on its own or with the Graph Data Science Library – the fastest way to experiment with features since there's nothing to install or data to load.

Bloom Sandbox Data Science Sandbox

Leading Organizations Use Neo4j Bloom

Bloom in Action

With Neo4j Bloom, you can more easily investigate your graphs, quickly prototype solutions and better collaborate across different teams. Bloom is already being used across a number of industries and uses, from accelerating the work of researchers scrutinizing connections between disease pathways and developers creating graph applications to data scientists and investigators working together on predictive fraud models.

Visualization is a critical tool for getting the most out of graph data science. Bloom enables data scientists to follow their intuition in exploring interesting patterns, visualize algorithm results and streamline conversations with subject matter experts.

Explore using the Graph Data Science Library and Neo4j Bloom with the white paper, Financial Fraud Detection with Graph Data Science: How Graph Algorithms & Visualization Better Predict Emerging Fraud Patterns, and learn how to tap into the power of graph technology for higher quality predictions.

Read about one example using the Graph Data Science Library and Neo4j Bloom for financial fraud detection.

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Explore More with Bloom

The world is driven by connections –
it’s time to explore them.

Bloom provides a friendly, self-guided experience with an intuitive interface and off-the-shelf software that integrates with the Neo4j Database and Neo4j Graph Data Science Library. Installation and configuration information is in the Neo4j Bloom Documentation.

Bloom is available for free for local database exploration in Neo4j Desktop. Enterprise customers can explore server-hosted databases as well as take advantage of collaborative features such as sharing perspectives, role-based security, server hosting of Bloom and deep web browser links.