Fine-Grained Access Control for Better Security and Privacy

Discover how Neo4j 4.2 provides granular security at the data element level.

Implementing complex data access controls is easier than ever before.

For Neo4j 4.0, we put a great deal of emphasis on ways graph technology enhances security.

As application development changes, today’s graph database needs to enforce rigorous enterprise security rules while remaining easy to deploy and manage.

Protections like “row-level” security in a relational database are important, but it's not enough when using graphs. Graphs have meaningful structure and data, which requires a security system that understands that.

Schema-Based Security

The data in a graph database is not the only thing that needs protection. The structure of the relationships and nodes in a graph are themselves information. Our security system takes that into account.

Neo4j 4.2’s schema-based security makes it easy to enforce this level of protection, regardless of whether there are multiple on-premise graph databases or an enormous graph sharded across multiple cloud repositories around the world.

Identity and Access Control

Neo4j offers granular security down to individual objects and their properties, and control permission to traverse, read or write data based on node labels, relationship types or database and property names.

With a role-based access control approach, you can restrict access at any level of granularity, and these controls cascade downwards throughout the database.

In a graph structure, this greatly simplifies the task of assigning permissions.

Data Privacy

Neo4j 4.2’s multi-database capabilities make it easier for organizations to adhere to privacy and security regulations.

For example, GDPR regulations require data for a particular country’s citizens must be physically stored in that country. With Neo4j 4.2, that is now possible without having to create a separate database for those citizens.

Building security into the database simplifies secure application development. Rather than tasking developers with security, developers write their applications against a scalable and security-conscious Neo4j 4.2 backend.

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Discover how Neo4j 4.0 provides granular data security.

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