How Graph Databases Solve Problems in Network and Data Center Management


How Graph Databases Solve Problems in Network & Data Center ManagementEnterprise Management Associates (EMA), leading IT and data management analyst and consulting firm, examines the Neo4j graph database in two deployments of network and data center management.

Network and data center management is becoming more common as well as more complex nowadays. The term refers to the role of an individual within the data center (data center manager) who is responsible for overseeing technical and IT issues within the data center.

Download the white paper and learn how Neo4j is inherently more suitable over relational databases for making sense of complex interdependencies central to managing IT infrastructure. Read how Neo4j can improve your Network & Data Center Management

This white paper examines the Neo4j graph database, which is designed to support requirements in an increasingly modern, “non-linear” and “connected” world.

One of the things I especially appreciate is that Neo4j makes it simple to model real-life or business situations—it provides a much better working foundation for key stakeholders who are not necessarily technical. – Software Consultant, large European telecommunications provider

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