Jeff Morris
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Jeff Morris

Job Title: Head of Product Marketing

Jeff Morris brings a world of marketing experience to Neo4j as head of product marketing. At Neo4j, he leads product, solutions, customer and partner marketing. He's anxious and excited to expose enterprise IT organizations to the world of graphs. He believes data connections and relationships are the secret sauce for the next generation of revenue-generating applications. If your organization is thinking about building smart shopping carts, traversing social relationships, interconnecting things on the Internet, finding unusual behavioral patterns or entering the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning or predictive analytics, then Jeff would like you to consider Neo4j, the original graph database, for those projects.

Jeff spent spent nearly three years at GoodData, where, he led their marketing department in building messages for IT, sales and social analytics, and targeted industries. He led product marketing at Actuate for over a decade, helping commercialize their open source analytic offerings by spearheading their entry into dashboards, marketplaces, mobile, and finally cloud. Jeff’s product management history was formed at open source pioneer Sendmail and sales automation vendor Borealis, and he learned the fundamentals of software engineering and marketing at Forte Software and IDE. He studied Electrical Engineering and History at Syracuse University.

Jeff is married to writer and ghostwriter, Lori Marshall. They live in San Francisco and San Rafael, CA. He paints for fun and the necessity to put art on the wall, and they love live music.