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A commercial license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition, providing production-certified versions of Neo4j, with enterprise-grade scaling and ops features.

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Startup Program

A special program just for startups, because the next generation ideas that will change the world should be powered by graph technology. We want to help you build a successful startup.

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Community Edition

Ideal for learning Neo4j and smaller do-it-yourself projects that do not require high levels of scaling or professional services and support.

Enterprise Edition

The same great features as Community Edition, with enterprise-grade availability, management, and scale-up and scale-out capabilities.

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Graph Platform Features



Labeled property graph model
Native graph processing & storage
Cypher graph query language
Neo4j Browser with syntax highlighting
Fast writes via native label indexes
Fast reads via composite indexes
Cypher for Apache Spark (CAPS) for big data analytics*
Unlimited graph size -
Database storage reallocation -
Cypher query tracing, monitoring and metrics -
Node Key schema constraints -
Neo4j Desktop: Free developer-friendly package with full database and tools* -
*New in Version 3.3

Database Features



ACID Transactions
High-performance native API
High-performance caching
Cost-based query optimizer
Graph algorithms library to support AI initiatives*
Massively parallel graph algorithms* -
Native indexes for numeric properties* -
Query monitoring with enriched metrics -
Compiled Cypher Runtime to accelerate common queries -
User and role-based security -
LDAP and Active Directory Integration -
Kerberos security option -
Hot backups -
*New in Version 3.3

Architecture Features



Language drivers for Java, Python, C# & JavaScript
RPM, Debian, Docker, Azure & AWS Cloud Delivery
Neo4j ETL for RDBMS & big data sources* - Preview Available
55% faster writes than Neo4j 3.2*
The openCypher projects driving standardization of Cypher as the SQL for graph technology*
Intra-cluster encryption secures all traffic across data centers and cloud zones* -
IPv6 support in clustered deployments* - Available
High throughput, least-connected load balancing built into Bolt drivers* -
Causal Clustering, core and read-replica design at global scale for applications, analytics workflows, HA and DR -
Enterprise Lock Manager accesses all cores on server -
*New in Version 3.3

We found Neo4j to be literally thousands of times faster than our prior MySQL solution, with queries that require 10-100 times less code. Today, Neo4j provides eBay with functionality that was previously impossible.
Volker Pacher
Senior Staff Engineer, eBay

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Witness first-hand how Neo4j performs in a production-level environment: Take the free Neo4j in Production online course or calculate the recommended hardware configuration for your Neo4j deployment.