Graph Databases for Beginners: A (Brief) Tour of Aggregate Stores

In 1841, William Buckland was one of the first paleontologists to observe what today we call the Cambrian explosion. At the time, he naturally knew that it would become a favorite metaphor used the world over to describe whenever we… Read more →


Graph Databases for Beginners: Why We Need NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases are one of those things in life that are unhelpfully defined only by what they are not rather than by what they are, i.e., an anti-definition. NoSQL is a cheeky acronym for Not Only SQL – or more… Read more →


Why Graph Databases Are Best for Handling Connected Data like in Diaspora

Handling Connected Domains with the “Right Tool for the Job” Sarah Mei recently wrote a great blog post describing the problems she and her colleagues ran into when managing highly connected data using document databases. Document databases (like other aggregate… Read more →



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