Due to CEO Demand, Neo4j 2.2 Features Ascii-Art Graph-Browser

Due to CEO Demand, Neo4j 2.2 Features Ascii-Art Graph-Browser One hidden gem of the latest Neo4j 2.2.0 release is the built-in Ascii-Art rendering of the Neo4j Browser. This ties in nicely with the similar iconographic syntax of our Cypher Query… Read more →


Neo4j Tutorials – Around the World with Cypher

Hey all, We have a special blog post written by our wonderful Neo4j community contributor Peter Bell. He has presented Neo4j in many settings, including recently at our Neo4j Tutorial – NYC. Below are his reflections on the seminar and… Read more →


Creating a DSL for Cypher

With Cypher, querying data is like creating Ascii Art to navigate through information. While fun and powerful, sometimes the pesky execution engine doesn’t appreciate the beauty of what you’ve typed. In this blog post, Rickard Öberg presents his implementation of… Read more →


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