The Neo4j GraphGist Challenge: May the Graph Be with You

The Neo4j Winter GraphGist Challenge has officially begun! This year’s mission includes more categories, bigger prizes and new judges, so whether you’re a GraphGist veteran or a brand-new graphista, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Mission: This year’s… Read more →


Graph Gist Winter Challenge Winners

To be honest, we were blown away.   When starting this challenge we were really excited and curious about the results. But what YOU created and submitted is just impressive.   We received 65 submissions in the 10+ categories. Well… Read more →


Lab-friday – from ASCIIDOC to HTML 5 slides

Lab-friday – from ASCIIDOC to HTML 5 slides Hi all!Last lab-friday, Anders Nawroth made the neo4j manual toolchain produce deck.js HTML 5 presentations instead of the Neo4j Manual.The interesting part isn’t really the example itself, but that the toolchain now is able to… Read more →



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