Announcing Neo4j on Windows Azure

Peter NeubauerMagnus MårtenssonAnnouncing Neo4j on Windows AzureNeo4j has a ‘j’ appended to the name. And now it is available on Windows Azure? This proves that in the most unlikely of circumstances sometimes beautiful things can emerge. Microsoft has promised Java… Read more →


The Neo4j REST Server – Part1: Get it going!

WARNING: This post is outdated. The Neo4j Server is now documented here and the manual section on REST is the single source for documentation of the REST API.IntroductionAs requested and wished by many, finally Neo4j got its own standalone server mode,… Read more →


Neo4j wrapper for Clojure

Julian Morrison has started to develop a wrapper around Neo4j for Clojure, a Lisp dialect running on the JVM. Here’s how the code using the wrapper can look:(use ‘neo4j)(with-neo "test" (tx (let [c (new-node) b (new-node)] (relate (top-node) :customers c)… Read more →


How Groovy is Neo4j?

After hearing about Neo4j at RubyManor, Robert Rees tried using it from Groovy and experienced some problems getting started. This was discussed on the Neo4j mailing list as well. Topics mentioned are the packaging of Neo4j in multiple jar files,… Read more →


Neo4j.rb version 0.0.6 released

Today Andreas Ronge released version 0.0.6 of Neo4j.rb. See the project page for more information. Highlights from the changelog: new sort_by method, lazy loading of search results, support for Lucene query language. Want to learn more about graph databases? Click… Read more →


Neo4j.rb version 0.0.5 released

A few days ago, Andreas Ronge released Neo4j.rb 0.0.5. This is a graph database framework for JRuby built on top of the neo4j Java library. There’s short example code in the Neo4j wiki and downloads and documentation at github. Highlights… Read more →



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