How Medium Uses Neo4j

Webinar: How Medium Uses Neo4j   Further Reading: How Medium Goes Social by Tess Rinearson Running Concurrent Queries in GoSocial By Tess Rinearson Want to learn more about graph databases? Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph… Read more →


The Graph Epiphany: Your Stories

Moments of Graph-Clarity Recently, hacker and engineer at Medium, Tess Rinearson, wrote a piece about how Medium uses Neo4j to power their social functions. In it, she explains why Medium chose Neo4j, and how it uses Neo alongside GoSocial in… Read more →


How Graph Databases Can Reinvent Recruiting

Written by Emil Eifrem, Originally posted on Wired How Graph Databases Can Reinvent Recruiting They say it’s not what you know but who you know. However, the missing implication of that is the importance of who they know. The ways… Read more →


From the Neo4j Community: October 2014

With so many graphtastic things happening during October (GraphConnect, anyone?) there was lots of activity from our amazing community. Below are just a few of the cool things they were working on. If you have an awesome Neo4j contribution you… Read more →


Conceptual Model vs Graph Model

Written by Mark Needham. Originally posted on his blog. We’ve started running some sessions on graph modelling in London and during the first session it was pointed out that the process I’d described was very similar to that when modelling… Read more →


Neo4j at SpringOne 2GX 2014

Written by Lorenzo Speranzoni, originally posted on his blog. Neo4Art moves to Cloud Foundry at SpringOne 2GX 2014 Last week Neo4Art was presented at SpringOne 2GX conference in Dallas as live-demo during Michael Hunger and my session “Artistic Spring Data Neo4j 3.x with Spring Boot… Read more →


From Bruggen Blog: Graph Databases for Enterprise Architects

Written by Rik Van Bruggen, originally posted on Bruggen Blog. I had the opportunity to do a short webinar where I tried to articulate why I think that a graph database like Neo4j really can contribute to a better Enterprise… Read more →



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