Community buzz heating up!

It’s been a lot of fun to take part in the Neo4j community the last few weeks. There’s been quite a few mentions on Twitter and increasing contributions to the mailing list. Among the themes discussed on the mailing list… Read more →


The current database debate and graph databases

The current database debate and graph databases During the latest month or so there has been a lot of new energy in the database debate. People are questioning the RDBMS to an extent that we’re not used to. Tony Bain… Read more →


The most important algorithm

Danny Nieuwegein wrote in the blog post “Persistency Solution Decision Algorithm” about his strategy for picking a persistence solution:IF rdbms is already in use THEN IF problem is trivial THEN Spring JDBC ELSE iBATISELSE a graph DB He also gives… Read more →


What’s the buzz?

Here’s what was buzzing around Neo4j last year on Want to learn more about graph databases? Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases ebook and discover how to use graph technologies for your application today.… Read more →



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