April is APOC Awareness Month – Publish and be Rewarded

April shares the first two letters with APOC, our community driven procedure and function library for Neo4j’s Cypher. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to use the APOC spring release to kick off a of blossom… Read more →


Winners of the Neo4j GraphGist Winter Challenge 2015

Winners of the Neo4j GraphGist Winter Challenge 2015 Every time we ask our community to participate in one of our challenges to share interesting graph models and use-cases, we’re amazed at the quality and thoughtfulness of the submissions. This year… Read more →


GraphGist Winter Challenge

Last year we had an amazing turnout for our Winter GraphGist challenge, and received more than 65 submissions across 10 categories. Many of them were truly astonishing, which made it hard for us to select the winners. Now we want… Read more →


Graph Gist Winter Challenge Winners

To be honest, we were blown away.   When starting this challenge we were really excited and curious about the results. But what YOU created and submitted is just impressive.   We received 65 submissions in the 10+ categories. Well… Read more →



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