Bringing Wonder to Data: 5-Minute Interview with Weidong Yang

“It was an aha moment. Integrating our solution with Neo4j allowed us to focus on the critical things we do well, visualization and interactivity,” said Weidong Yang, CEO of Kineviz. San Francisco-based Kineviz believes that working with data is often… Read more →


Adding GraphXR as a Graph App in Neo4j Desktop

One of Neo4j Desktop’s most exciting new features is the incorporation of Graph Apps. Many of you are likely familiar with Graph Apps from using Neo4j’s in-house visualization product, Neo4j Bloom. Inspired by Bloom, Kineviz created a Graph App deployment… Read more →


Evaluating Investor Performance Using Neo4j, GraphXR and ML

[Editor’s Note: The blog post and project is the result of a group of graduate students in the M.S. Business Analytics program at Santa Clara University. Learn more about these awesome folks below!] Venture capital has become an increasingly popular… Read more →


When Graph Meets Big Data: Obstacles and Opportunities for Visualization

Love the buzzword or hate it, “big data” is an inescapable reality. Whether it’s for business intelligence or bioinformatics, recommendation engines or risk analysis, the volume, variety and velocity of data is only going to increase. Graph is an undeniably… Read more →



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