This Week in Neo4j – Time Based Graph Versioning, Pearson Coefficient, Neo4j Multi DC, Modeling Provenance

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j, where we round up the last week in the world of graph databases. This week our Chief Scientist Dr Jim Webber describes how to run Neo4j in a Multi Data Center Environment, Max De… Read more →


This Week in Neo4j – ETL Tool UI Revamp, Gaming the Christmas Market, Intelligence led Policing

Welcome to the 4th edition of This Week in Neo4j for 2019. January is practically over and the Neo4j community has been busy. The Neo4j ETL Tool UI has had a complete revamp and we have a late entry for… Read more →


This Week in Neo4j – Topic Extraction with Graphileon, Neo4j 3.5 FTS Deep Dive, Neo4j for Very Large Scale Systems

Welcome to the 3rd edition of This Week in Neo4j for 2019. We’ve got a variety of different things for you this week. Christophe Willemsen has written an excellent deep dive into the Full-Text Search feature released in Neo4j 3.5,… Read more →


This Week in Neo4j – Graph Layouts with Graph Algorithms and Machine Learning, Graphing the Floodlight Open Project data, Multi-Turn Conversational Voice Experiences with a Knowledge Graph

We’re almost half-way through January, so it must be time for another installment of This Week in Neo4j. It’s been a busy week as the community kicks back into action after the New Year’s hangover. Jennifer Reif is back with… Read more →


This Week in Neo4j – TestContainers, GraphQL Course, XRP, New Online Course

In the week of the longest night, Mark is enjoying a well earned vacation, so I can use the opportunity to thank him for his relentless work reading through all the amazing things that happen in our Neo4j community every… Read more →


This Week in Neo4j – Kafka Connector, kNN Classifier, Neo4j 3.5 Release, Modeling Corporate Resources

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j where I share the most interesting things I found in our community over the last seven days. This week Will and I interviewed Ward Cunningham as part of the Neo4j online meetup and we… Read more →



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