RECAP: DeveloperWeek 2014 and GraphPUB SF

We had a fantastic time at DeveloperWeek in San Francisco last week! It was great to see so many graphistas attend events around the city, which resulted in an awesome week connecting with the local Neo4j ecosystem.We kicked things off… Read more →


FOSDEM 2013 summary

Hi all, Michael and I have been on a great BeNeLux tour starting with a Meetup in Delft and another one in Antwerp with the big finale in Brussels for FOSDEM, one of the worlds geekiest unconferences. We talked at… Read more →


Neo4j goes World Wide #neo4jwwtour

Today we release the dates and cities for the first part of the Neo4j World Wide Tour. Since the world has not collapsed today, according to Mayan prophecy, we can go ahead!The 2013 Neo4j World Wide Tour is officially on!We’ll cover… Read more →


Neo4j Community at GraphConnect

It’s only 4 days until GraphConnect San Francisco 2012 on Nov 6th and the Neo4j Community is thrilled to be part of the conference. We will have our own special Community Lounge, a cozy Swedish-style place to relax, chat and… Read more →


New GraphConnect Winner from SV Java User Group Meetup

Hi all, I’m back with another meetup winner of GraphConnect passes. A couple of weeks ago, GraphConnect sponsored the Silicon Valley Java User Group, where about 200 attendees showed up for a discussion about REST APIs at Google HQ in… Read more →


GraphConnect Ticket Winner from SF Graphdb Meetup

Last week we had about 50 graphistas show up for our Graphs in the Bay Area meetup, sponsored by GraphConnect and QCon SF. QCon and GraphConnect provided a small keg of local beer, pizza and a pair of free tickets… Read more →


Neo4j meetup at Twitter HQ Wed Mar 31 (NEW DATE & TIME)

Update: NEW DATE & TIME! The meetup has been moved to Wed Mar 31 because the speaker (Emil) is unable to speak. (And what good is a meetup if you’re unable to speak?) For more info, see below. Sorry for… Read more →



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