Neo4j 1.2 Final – Prêt-à-Porter

With the Neo4j components, we supplied the fabric for stitching together graph-based applications. Now, with Neo4j 1.2 we are proud to offer a ready-to-wear graph server, for dressing up any application in graph style. This is the start of a… Read more →


Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 5 – Reference Manual and HA!

Peter Neubauer Hi there, In this release, the community and the Neo4j team have been working hard to bring you some really long-term value in the Neo4j project, mainly with documentation and the first glimpse of the High Availability component.… Read more →


Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 4 – The Server.

Peter Neubauer Hi all Graphsters! From the initial background thread in a developer’s head to “do this properly some day”, following through with a proof-of-concept, then a real library, an open source project, an expanding collection of extensions, subjected to… Read more →


Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 3 – Habit Forming

The first time is a promise. The second, a confirmation. But it’s not until the third time you follow through on cleaning your room that you can claim it as a habit.We’re feeling good about having a milestone release habit.… Read more →


Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 2 – One More Step

With a pebble in your shoe, every step distracts you from where you’re going. For a short walk, the pebble might be tolerable. But the longer the walk, the more the pebble becomes a problem. When strutting around with Neo4j,… Read more →


Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 1 released

Peter Neubauer The Neo4j team is pleased to announce the first milestone towards the 1.2 release of Neo4j — 1.2.M01 being the version number. Our current focus is on usability, which means improving the overall experience of getting, installing, and… Read more →



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