Taking the First Step: How to Lead a Local Neo4j GraphDB Meetup

I discovered Neo4j and became instantly captivated. Finding something that made data make sense, was fun, approachable, and easier to learn, I read articles and white papers, watched videos online… but it wasn’t enough. I needed to connect, with people,… Read more →


2012 Year in Review: Graph Databases on the Rise

Happy 2013! It looks like another great year is in the forecast for graphs. This is the first of two blog posts, looking back at what has happened this past year, and then ahead to 2013. Growth in Graphs &… Read more →


Neo4j meetup at Twitter HQ Wed Mar 31 (NEW DATE & TIME)

Update: NEW DATE & TIME! The meetup has been moved to Wed Mar 31 because the speaker (Emil) is unable to speak. (And what good is a meetup if you’re unable to speak?) For more info, see below. Sorry for… Read more →



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