This Week in Neo4j – 4 March 2017

Welcome to the 2nd edition of This Week in Neo4j! If you’ve got any ideas for things we should cover in future editions, I’m @markhneedham on Twitter or send an email to Contributing to Neo4j: Florent Biville Florent Biville… Learn More →


The 5-Minute Interview: John Swain, Data Science Product Manager at Right Relevance

“When I initially chose Neo4j, it was a startup project. I found it extremely useful and easy to use, and immediately realized it was the way we wanted to develop,” says John Swain, Product Manager for Data Science and Data… Learn More →


Visualizing Your Graph with RNeo4j

If you work with both R and Neo4j, you can easily visualize your graph or subsets of your graph using the RNeo4j, igraph, and visNetwork libraries. library(igraph) library(visNetwork) library(RNeo4j) To get started, connect to Neo4j and load the movie dataset.… Learn More →


Graphing a Lesson Learned Database for NASA Using Neo4j, R/RStudio & Linkurious [Community Post]

[As community content, this post reflects the views and opinions of the particular author and does not necessarily reflect the official stance of Neo4j.] Ask any project manager and they will tell you the importance of reviewing lessons learned prior… Learn More →


What’s New in RNeo4j

Written by Nicole White, originally posted on her blog. What’s New in RNeo4j? RNeo4j is Neo4j’s R driver – it allows you to quickly and easily interact with a Neo4j database from your R environment. Some recent updates to RNeo4j… Learn More →


From the Community: September 2014

We had some stellar action from the community throughout September, a selection of which is highlighted below. Follow @Neo4j for constant updates, and be sure to tweet at #Neo4j with any posts or videos you’d like us to see! Keep the posts… Learn More →


Upload Your Data to Neo4j with RNeo4j and the Transactional Endpoint

Upload Your Data to Neo4j with RNeo4j and the Transactional Endpoint Written by Nicole White, originally posted on her blog.   Recently I’ve had several people ask how they can use RNeo4j to import data that they have stored… Learn More →



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