Spring Data Graph 1.1.0 Released

Spring Data Graph 1.1.0 with Neo4j support releasedAfter the first public release of Spring Data Graph in April 2011 we mainly focused on user feedback. With the improved documentation around the tooling and an upgraded AspectJ version, we addressed many… Read more →


Spring Data Graph 1.0, the integration library for Neo4j released today

For a friendly introduction to Spring Data Graph we’re hosting a free webinar with VMware and presented by Neo Technology’s CEO Emil Eifrem on April 20 at two convenient times for the Americas and Europe. [Update: Webinar video available on… Read more →


Spring Data Graph 1.0.0.RC1 released

Michael HungerWe are pleased to announce that the first release candidate (1.0.0.RC1) of the Spring Data Graph project with Neo4j support is available. This will probably be the last step before the 1.0 release of the library. Its goal is… Read more →



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