Women’s World Cup Graph, Bloom Sandbox, Exploring shell companies with graph algorithms

  • Featured Community Member: Sony Green
  • 3D Geological Modelling and Visualization with Neo4j and Kineviz GraphXR
  • New Sandbox! Bloom – the Neo4j Graph Visualization Tool
  • Graph databases for journalists: Using graph algorithms to explore the participation of shell companies in public procurement
  • Google Cloud Infrastructure Graph, Neo4j Developer Mini Site redesign, Importing data from Google Cloud Storage
  • Women’s World Cup Graph
  • Tweet of the Week

Secure GraphQL APIs in minutes with Cloud Run, Releases of Bloom, Streams, GraphQL, NODES 2019

  • Featured Community Member: Gérald Billoir
  • Football Exploration with Neo4r
  • Case study of the popularity of #GoT characters on Wikipedia with the Graph Structured Dataset for Wikipedia Research.
  • Secure GraphQL APIs in minutes with Cloud Run and GRAND Stack
  • Releases: Neo4j Bloom, Neo4j Streams, Neo4j GraphQL Java
  • NODES 2019: Launching the Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit!
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Event-driven Graph Analytics using Neo4j and Apache Kafka, SRE Knowledge Graphs, Modeling Events in Neo4j

  • Featured Community Member: Vlad Batushkov
  • Event-driven Graph Analytics using Neo4j and Apache Kafka
  • Methods for Loading Data into a Remote Neo4j Instance — Part 1
  • SRE: Knowledge Graphs: Increased Context in Human Involved Incident Response(IR)
  • APOC Spring Release, Loading tweets into Kafka and Neo4j, Bible in a Graph
  • Modeling Events in Neo4j
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How Graph Technology is Changing AI, Processing Neo4j Transaction Events with KSQL, Analysing Neo4j Logs with ELK Stack

  • Featured Community Member: Simon Goring
  • How Graph Technology is Changing AI
  • Neo4j Logging/Monitoring with Elastic Cloud and ELK Stack
  • Halin Release: Structured Log Inspection, Download running tasks, UI clean up
  • Neo4j at KubeCon, Spring Data Neo4j RX, Network Connection Footprinting
  • Neo4j Graph Streaming Services with Apache Kafka
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Why Kettle?, Pokémons in a Graph, Influencers in the Graph Community

  • Featured Community Member: Mayank Gupta
  • The Mega Evolution of Pokémons in a Graph
  • How to produce and consume data streams directly via Cypher with Streams Procedures
  • Finding influencers and communities in the Graph Community
  • Depth First Search on the Tube, Relationships vs Properties, Intro to Neo4j Slides
  • Why Choose Kettle for Neo4j Data Import?
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Explore public contracting data with Neo4j, RDBMS to Graph Page Overhaul, Filtering Connected Dynamic Forms, Graph-Based Real Time Inventory

  • Featured Community Member: Francesca Ferretti
  • Graph-Based Real Time Inventory and Topology for Network Automation
  • Graph databases for journalists – Using Neo4j to explore public contracting data
  • Neo4j-OGM and Spring Data Neo4j: Choosing a Unique Identifier
  • RDBMS to Graph Page Overhaul
  • Filtering Connected Dynamic Forms
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Graphs in Financial Services, IoT with Neo4j, Efficient Neo4j Data Import

  • Featured Community Member: Michael Porter
  • Graphs in Banking Integration with AI and Machine Learning Technologies
  • Efficient Neo4j Data Import Using Cypher-Scripts
  • IoT Data Modeling in Neo4j Graph DB
  • Amy Hodler on Graph Based AI, Testing software at Mapillary, Inferring GraphQL Schema from existing database
  • Halin Release: New Tasks Screen, Log Files Viewer, Advisor Improvements
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Graphs to fight diabetes, Overhaul to visualization tools page, Eventing Graph Data With Neo4j & RabbitMQ, Arrows Tips and Tricks

  • Featured Community Members: Amy Hodler
  • Graphs to fight diabetes
  • Overhaul to visualization tools page is complete!
  • Eventing Graph Data With Neo4j & RabbitMQ
  • Recipe to Recipe Similarity, Lyft Amundsen on SE Daily
  • 12 Tips & Tricks on How To Use the Arrows Tool
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Content-Based Recommendations using Knowledge Graphs, Augment Intelligence with Graph Power, Graph Algorithms in Practice

  • Featured Community Members: Global Graph Celebration Day Organisers
  • Content-Based Recommendations using Knowledge Graphs
  • Augment Intelligence with Graph Power
  • Graph Algorithms in Practice: Eigenvector Centrality, Cosine Similarity
  • Releases: Elixir Driver, Foreign data wrapper for Postgresql, APOC
  • Case Study: Password Analysis with BloodHound
  • Tweet of the Week

Graph Visualization 101 with GraphXR, Neo4j for Google Cloud, Introducing NEuler — The Graph Algorithms Playground

  • Featured Community Member: Sacha Faust
  • Graph of Thrones – Graph Visualization 101 with GraphXR
  • What’s Next for Graphs: Neo4j for Google Cloud
  • Introducing NEuler — The Graph Algorithms Playground
  • New Docker Tutorial, Virtual Nodes and Rels, Taxonomy of Graph Use Cases
  • This Week in GRANDstack: New features in neo4j-graphql-java, GraphQL Foundation, 2nd Milestone of neo4j-graphql-java
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Graph Apps Gallery Launched, Loading Bitcoin in one day, Link Prediction on Citation Network

  • Featured Community Member: Tommy Jones
  • How to load Bitcoin into Neo4j in one day
  • Graph Apps Gallery Launched
  • Creating a Data Marvel: Part 10 – Endgame — Lessons and Resources
  • Graphing Brexit Clusters, GraphAL, Graph Technology Landscape
  • Link Prediction with Neo4j Part 2: Predicting co-authors using scikit-learn
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Graphing Tea and Brexit, Expanding the Startup Program, Importing CSV Files

  • Featured Community Member: Pierre Romera
  • This Week in the GRANDstack: Live Coding, Seed Application, GraphTour
  • We’re Expanding the Neo4j Startup Program: Now More Entrepreneurs Get Neo4j Enterprise Edition & Neo4j Bloom – for Free
  • Graphing Brexit
  • Graphing Tea, Neo4j Import, Neo4j Speaker Program, Property graphs and Elixir
  • Importing CSV Files: Neo4j Desktop and Sandbox
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Revamped Neo4j Administration Course Training Course, Announcing Neo4j Labs, Link Prediction with Neo4j

  • Featured Community Member: Dr. Alexander Jarasch
  • Link Prediction with Neo4j
  • Announcing Neo4j Labs: Incubating the Next Generation of Graph Developer Tooling
  • Geospatial with Uber H3
  • Zendesk to Neo4j, Building the Marvel UI, Log Shipping with Google’s Stackdriver
  • Revamped Neo4j Administration Course
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Neo4j Joins GraphQL Foundation as a Founding Member, Desktop Graph Analytics, Revamped Intro to Neo4j Training Course

  • Featured Community Member: Joe Chesak
  • Desktop Graph Analytics: For The Throne
  • Neo4j Joins GraphQL Foundation as a Founding Member
  • Geospatial with Uber H3
  • Neo4j in Orchestration Environments, Intro to yFiles, Deleting multiple properties from nodes
  • Revamped Intro to Neo4j Training Course
  • Tweet of the Week

Link Prediction with Neo4j, Graphs for healthcare search, XRP graph, Querying Neo4j Clusters

  • Featured Community Member: Dr. Lena Wiese
  • Building a graph of the XRP ledger
  • Link Prediction with Neo4j Part 1: An Introduction
  • Leveraging a graph for healthcare search
  • PageRank meets Full Text Search, Querying Neo4j Clusters, Bitcoin graph within a day
  • What’s cooking? Part 3: A segue into graph modelling
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Correlating Tags in Stackoverflow, Football meets graphs, All About the Kafka Connect Neo4j Sink Plugin

  • Featured Community Member: Jhonathan de Souza Soares
  • All About the Kafka Connect Neo4j Sink Plugin
  • On the podcast: Amy Hodler
  • How to Automate Neo4j Deploys on Azure
  • TagOverflow – Correlating Tags in Stackoverflow
  • Football meets graphs
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Automate Neo4j Deploys on AWS and GCP, BBC GoodFood Graph Online Meetup, APOC Winter Release and Documentation Refresh

  • Featured Community Member: Calin Constantinov
  • How to ingest data into Neo4j from a Kafka stream
  • Lean Dependencies- Reduce Project Delivery Chaos with Graphs
  • How to Automate Neo4j Deploys on AWS and GCP
  • Building the BBC GoodFood Graph
  • APOC Winter Release and Documentation Refresh
  • Tweet of the Week

Time Based Graph Versioning, Pearson Coefficient, Neo4j Multi DC, Modeling Provenance

  • Featured Community Members: David Stevens
  • Graph versioning Episode one — Time Based
  • Community detection of survey responses based on Pearson correlation coefficient with Neo4j
  • Provenance with Neo4j, Playbook for graph database projects
  • Running Neo4j in Multi Data Center Environments
  • Create a Data Marvel — Part 8: Controlling and Servicing our Comic Endpoints
  • Tweet of the Week

Speaker Identification meets graphs, Graph Technology Landscape, Why You Need Graph Technology on GKE, Revealing Malware relationships

  • Featured Community Members: Arsames Qajar
  • Why You Need Graph Technology on GKE
  • Revealing Malware relationships with Neo4j
  • Building a PowerBI Connector, Backing up to S3, Cypher Date Snippets
  • Speaker Identification meets graphs
  • Graphing the Graph Technology Landscape
  • On the podcast: Jess Mason and Jason Cox, Untitled Folder
  • Tweet of the Week

Build a just-in-time data warehouse with Neo4j Streams, Releases of Graph Algorithms and Neo4j Desktop, Stored Procedure Masterclass

  • Featured Community Members: Kunal Yadav, Paramveer Singh, Raghu Madhava
  • Getting Graphic: Extract maximum value from your data using Neo4j and Spring Data
  • Neo4j Desktop Release: Command Bar, Deep Linking, Improved Security
  • How to leverage Neo4j Streams and build a just-in-time data warehouse
  • Graph Algorithms Release: Pearson Similarity, ArticleRank, Louvain Performance Improvements
  • Even moar releases: Neo4j Versioner Core, Neo4j Connector, Py2neo
  • Learn you a Neo4j stored procedure
  • Tweet of the Week

ETL Tool UI Revamp, Gaming the Christmas Market, Intelligence led Policing

  • Featured Community Member: Lju Lazarezic
  • Intelligence led Policing with Neo4j
  • Neo4j ETL Tool 1.3.1 Release: White Winter
  • Graphs: A Visual Introduction for Beginners
  • Gaming the Christmas Market
  • Create a Data Marvel: Connecting the Graph
  • Tweet of the Week

Topic Extraction with Graphileon, Neo4j 3.5 FTS Deep Dive, Neo4j for Very Large Scale Systems

  • Featured Community Member: Michael Simons
  • Topic Extraction with MeaningCloud and Graphileon
  • Deep Dive into Neo4j 3.5 Full Text Search
  • Neo4j for Very Large Scale Systems
  • Importing RDFS/OWL ontologies into Neo4j
  • Making Sense of the Data-Rich World with Graph Databases: Emil Eifrem and Azeem Azhar in Conversation
  • Create a Data Marvel: Developing More Entities
  • Tweet of the Week

Greg Jordan, Found at Graph Story, featured Neo4j community member

Graph Layouts with Graph Algorithms and Machine Learning, Graphing the Floodlight Open Project data, Multi-Turn Conversational Voice Experiences with a Knowledge Graph

  • Featured Community Member: Greg Jordan
  • Monitoring Neo4j with Halin
  • Constructing Multi-Turn Conversational Voice Experiences with a Knowledge Graph
  • Create a Data Marvel: Writing the Domain Classes
  • Graphing yourself, New Scala Driver, New Release on Google Cloud Platform
  • Graphing the Floodlight Open Project data
  • Graph Layouts with Neo4j Graph Algorithms and Machine Learning
  • Tweet of the Week

Anti-Money Laundering Investigation, Replicating The GitHub GraphQL API, Getting Started with machine learning on graphs

  • Featured Community Member: Tim Hanssen
  • How to Improve Anti-Money Laundering Investigation using Neo4j
  • Replicating The GitHub GraphQL API With Neo4j
  • Neo4j and GraphQL with William Lyon
  • How to get started with machine learning on graphs
  • Looking Forward to 2019 in Graph Technologies
  • Tweet of the Week

TestContainers, GraphQL Course, XRP, New Online Course

  • Featured Community Member: Raik Lochau
  • New Online Introduction Class Launched
  • Rik interviewed two very particual guests
  • This weeks articles and publications
  • Exploring relationships on the ledger: Part Two – Import and Exploration
  • EggHead Course: Build a Neo4J & GraphQL API
  • Halin Release 0.6.0
  • Testcontainers Galore, now with Neo4j
  • Create a Data Marvel — Part 4: How To Design the Application
  • Tweet of the Week


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