This Week in Neo4j – Graphs4Good Hackathon, Twitch Session, Cypher Projections, Query Log Analyzer, Go Driver

  • Featured Community Members: Nikita Wootten and Eric Solender
  • Join the Graphs4Good GraphHack
  • NODES 2019: Improve Cypher Performance with the Query Log Analyzer
  • Hands-on Twitch Stream: Neo4j Sandbox
  • How to use Cypher projection on a Lord of the Rings social network
  • Quick Links:
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This Week in Neo4j – Graphs in AI and ML, Graph Data Science Sandbox, COVID-19 analysis, GRANDstack Access Control, and More

  • Featured Community Member: Weidong Yang
  • NODES 2019: Graphs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Hands-On With The Neo4j Graph Data Science Sandbox
  • Analyzing COVID-19 Data In Neo4j
  • 5 Quick Links: VSCode Extension, GQL on Wikipedia, GraphQL, Graph Data Science, and more GraphQL
  • GRANDstack Access Control
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This Week in Neo4j – Teaching Graphs, Graph Data Science Notebooks, COVID-19, NeoMap, Drivers Galore, XRPlorer

  • Featured Community Member: Thomas Silkjær
  • NODES 2019: We are not just relational anymore: Teaching Neo4j as part of a database course
  • Graph Data Science Library Notebooks
  • Welcome Adam Cowley!
  • Quick Links: COVID-19 Visualization, Composite Indexes, Neo4j Simply in Depth, GraalVM for Python, R, Ruby Drivers, Auth Strategies for Drivers, Drivine JS Driver, Graph Embeddings
  • New version of Neomap with Routing
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This Week in Neo4j – Reducing visualization complexity, BloodHound 3.0, Gene Regulation Graph Database, Pokemon Day, 4.0 Webinar, GraphTour Europe developer campfire talks

  • Featured Community Member: Jan Žák
  • NODES 2019: Challenges in knowledge graph visualization
  • BloodHound 3.0 is released
  • Gene Regulation Graph Database (GREG)
  • I want to be the very best, like no one ever was…​
  • 4.0 Webinar
  • Developer campfire talks at GraphTour
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This Week in Neo4j – Halin Monitoring, Analyzing CodeMotion Data, Exploring GGCD Graph, Clojure Release, and More 4.0

  • Featured Community Members: Jane Liang and Sylvia Tran
  • NODES 2019: Monitoring Neo4j Servers and Clusters
  • Analyzing CodeMotion Rome Data in Neo4j
  • Gear up for Global Graph Celebration Day 2020!
  • New GorillaLabs Release of Clojure Driver for 4.0!
  • More in 4.0— Subqueries in Cypher, Fabric, and a Multi-Tenancy Example
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This Week in Neo4j – Flight Search Application, Graph Data Science Library Preview, Neo4j 4.0 Treasure Map

  • Featured Community Member: Elena Williams
  • NODES 2019: Social media monitoring with ML-powered Knowledge Graph
  • Neo4j Treasure Map — Where to find all of the 4.0 resources you need
  • Arrows Hacks, 3.5 to 4.0 Upgrade Guide, GDS Preview
  • Flights Search Application with Neo4j —Using Cypher queries and APOC Custom Procedures (Part 2)
  • Enriching an existing graph by querying the Wikidata SPARQL API
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This Week in Neo4j – Versioning Approaches, Schema Based Access-Control, FOSDEM 2020, Streamlit

  • Featured Community Member: Vigneswaren Krishnamoorthy
  • NODES 2019: How to keep track of change – versioning approaches in Neo4j
  • Schema-based access control in Neo4j 4.0
  • Human Gene Graph, Finding the longest path, Lisk Blockchain analysis
  • FOSDEM Graph Systems and Algorithms devroom
  • Creating an Interactive UK Official Charts Data App with Streamlit and Neo4j
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This Week in Neo4j – Managing Multiple Databases, When and how to implement Sharding, Building Possibility Spaces with Neo4j and ReactJS, Australian Open Graph

  • Featured Community Member: Adam Cowley
  • NODES 2019: Ten to Dine: Building Possibility Spaces with Neo4j and ReactJS
  • Managing Multiple Databases in Neo4j
  • Personal Genome Project, Data Centre Knowledge Graphs, Causal Clusters on GCP/AWS
  • When and how to implement Sharding in Neo4j
  • QuickGraph: Australian Open
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This Week in Neo4j – Discovering the Soul of a Product, UK Singles Chart Graph, Building Real-Time UIs with Kafka and Vue.js

  • Featured Community Member: Oscar Arcia
  • Discovering the Soul of a Product With Neo4j
  • Solving Sudoku with Neo4j
  • Real-time UI using Kafka and Vue.js, Flask Login, Inference in Graph Databases
  • Post-Union Processing Explained
  • QuickGraph: UK Official Singles Chart 2019
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This Week in Neo4j – Analyzing .NET Dependencies, Coloring a Sudoku Graph, Christmas Messages Graph, Making Graph Algorithms ‘Clique’

  • Featured Community Member: Michael Porter
  • NODES 2019: Making Graph Algorithms ‘Clique’
  • Coloring a Sudoku graph with Neo4j
  • TriGraph, Guardian Top 100 Male Footballers, Analysing Twitter Engagement data
  • QuickGraph: Christmas Messages Graph
  • Analyzing .NET Dependencies with Neo4j
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This Week in Neo4j – SDN-RX, Kafka, Bloom, Flight Search, Visualizing with GraphXR, Music Connections, Graph Versioning

  • Featured Community Member: Robin Moffatt
  • NODES 2019: All-new SDN-RX: Reactive Spring Data Neo4j
  • Graph Algorithms Release: K1 Coloring, Modularity Optimisation, Node Similarity
  • Bloom Guide, Graphistana, Flight Search, GraphXR
  • Make small talk with your boss – graph based music recommendations
  • Keeping track of graph changes using temporal versioning
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This Week in Neo4j – Schema-Based Security, Starwars Galaxy Graph, Querying Wikidata

  • Featured Community Member: Keith Damiani
  • NODES 2019: Schema-Based Security in Neo4j 4.0
  • Neo4j and the Starwars Galaxy: Using graphs to explore the galaxy
  • Visualise Activities, Go OGM, Graphistry Release
  • QuickGraph #10 Enrich your Neo4j Knowledge Graph by querying Wikidata
  • Carrefour Graph: Part 3 – Product combinations
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This Week in Neo4j – Full Text Search Tips and Tricks, Learning Geography, MongoDB to Graph

  • Featured Community Member: Jimmy Crequer
  • NODES 2019: To be or not to be. Full Text Search tips and tricks
  • Learn geography using Neo4j
  • Spring Data Neo4j, GRANDstack, Graph Algorithms
  • Transform MongoDB collections automagically into Graphs
  • Carrefour Graph: Part 2 – Querying the graph
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This Week in Neo4j – Building a Fashion Knowledge Graph, Carrefour Basket Dataset Challenge, Community detection on Game of Thrones, Analysing Network Traffic

  • Featured Community Member: Polley Wong
  • NODES 2019: It Depends and why it’s the most frequent answer to modelling questions
  • Game of Thrones: Community detection through time using the seed property
  • Analysing network traffic, New neosemantics release, Decision Trees with Neo4j
  • QuickGraph #9: The fashion Knowledge Graph. Inferencing with Ontologies in Neo4j
  • Carrefour Graph: Part 1 – Playing with shopping receipts
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This Week in Neo4j – Building Spatial Search Algorithms for Neo4j, Colruyt Data Science assignment, GR-R-ANDstack, Releases of APOC and Halin

  • Featured Community Member: Satoshi Mayumi
  • NODES 2019: Building Spatial Search Algorithms for Neo4j
  • Building a graph analytics pipeline in Neo4j to explore the transport system in Rome
  • Releases: APOC, Halin, Neomap
  • Playing with the Colruyt Data Science assignment
  • GR-R-ANDstack (the 2nd ‘R’ stands for ReGraph)
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This Week in Neo4j – APOC Pearls, Exploring Full-Text Search, Exploring structural balance, Graphistania v2.0

  • Featured Community Member: Dr. David Bader
  • NODES 2019: APOC Pearls: The Best Tips & Tricks
  • Exploring the full-text search index in Neo4j on a movies dataset
  • Performance Testing using JMeter, Graph Analysis of Software Traces, Causal Clustering
  • Graphistania 2.0 – Episode 1 – This Month in Neo4j
  • Into the multiverse: Exploring multiple scenarios for structural balance
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This Week in Neo4j – Neo4j Aura is Here, Graph Embeddings, Graph Modeling: All about relationships, Exploring Structural Balance

  • Featured Community Member: Mike Black
  • NODES 2019: Graph Embeddings
  • Introducing Neo4j Aura: A New Graph Database as a Service
  • Writing a Kettle connector, League of Legends, Reactive Transactions
  • Graph Data Modeling: All About Relationships
  • Understanding alliances: Exploring structural balance with Neo4j
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This Week in Neo4j – Graphs, AI, and ML: Q&A with Alicia Frame, Finding prices with Neo4j, Building a Knowledge Graph

  • Featured Community Member: Arthur Namias de Crasto
  • NODES 2019: How to build a knowledge graph from scratch even if you are not really a full-blown developer
  • Graph Algorithms Release: In-memory graph graph improvements
  • GraphQLResolveInfo Deep Dive, Moving data from Neo4j in SSIS
  • On Graphs, AI, and ML: Q&A with Alicia Frame
  • A market for matches: Finding prices with Neo4j
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This Week in Neo4j – New Book: Fullstack GraphQL Applications with GRANDstack, Leveraging Graph Algorithms In Visualizations, Marketing Activities in Neo4j

  • Featured Community Member: Augustine Correa
  • NODES 2019: Leveraging Graph Algorithms In Visualizations With Neovis js
  • Book Deal: Fullstack GraphQL Applications with GRANDstack
  • Fraud Detection, Malware Analysis, Analyzing US Lobbying Data
  • Marketing Activities in Neo4j
  • The perfect dorm room assignment: Exploring the bipartite matching problem with Neo4j
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This Week in Neo4j – We need your GraphConnect 2020 talks, New Educator Program, Tuning Cypher, How do British MPs vote?

  • Featured Community Member: Ryan Boyd
  • NODES 2019: Tuning Cypher
  • GraphConnect 2020: Call for Papers Closing November 15
  • British MPs voting similarity, Loading US Lobbying Data, Northwind: Neo4j vs PostgreSQL
  • Empowering Educators: Neo4j’s New Program for Classroom Instruction
  • Graph model of Facebook post reactions in Neo4j
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This Week in Neo4j – NODES Preview: Data Science & Graph Algorithms, Graphing Brexit, Building a Chat Bot

  • Featured Community Member: Danielle Monteiro
  • NODES 2019 Preview: Data Science and Graph Algorithms
  • Graphing Brexit: Average Positions, MPs vs Parties, Rebel MPs
  • Building a Chat Bot in Neo4j: Part 1
  • Graphlytic Graph App, APOC string matching, GoT Analysis
  • Custom analyzer for fulltext search in Neo4j
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