Grant Beasley

This Week in Neo4j: Graphs4Good, GraphQL, Game of Life, Information Extraction, Cypher Map Projection, and More

  • Featured Community Member: Grant Beasley
  • Extract Knowledge From Text: Extraction Pipeline With Spacy And Neo4j
  • Graphs4good: Graph Technology Is Tackling Complex, Real-world Problems
  • Video: Building Secure Graphql Apis Without The Boilerplate
  • Blog: Conways Game Of Life In Neo4j
  • A Comprehensive Guide: Cypher Map Projection
  • Tweet Of The Week: @tnurkiewicz
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Estelle Scifo

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Embeddings, OSS Vulnerabilities, Supply Chain Stack, Star Wars Graph, Chatbot MD, and More!

  • Featured Community Member: Estelle Scifo
  • Graph Embeddings: Understanding Graph Embeddings With Neo4j And Emblaze
  • Security: How Neo4js Graph Database Can Remediate Vulnerabilities
  • Video: Exploring A Star Wars Dataset In Neo4j
  • Blog: Data Stack At Scoutbee Episode 1
  • Chatbot: Navigate A Medical Knowledge Graph Using English
  • Tutorial: Getting Started With A Graph Database
  • Tweet Of The Week: @javiercha
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This Week in Neo4j: Microservices, European Gas Network, FIFA22, DevTools, Java, Kubernetes, and More

  • Featured Community Member: Koji Annoura
  • Journeys In Java, Level 4: Building An Empire Of Microservices
  • Knowledge Graph: Explore The European Gas Network Via Neo4j
  • Neo4j Live: The Fifa22 Graph
  • Video: 8 Tips And Experiences On Neo4j With Java
  • Neo4j Devtools: its Finally Spring Here Release
  • Bloom Scene Actions: A Different Way To Interact With Your Graph
  • Tweet Of The Week: @piwai
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Sebastian Daschner

This Week in Neo4j: New Neo4j + Java Course, Interactive Dashboards, Intelligent Supply Chain Apps, and More

  • Featured Community Member: Sebastian Daschner
  • Article: Building A Full Stack Imdb Clone With A Java Backend Using Sparkjava And Neo4j
  • Free Training: Intermediate Cypher Queries
  • Neo4j Live: Interactive Dashboards
  • Blog: New York Times Article Knowledge Graph
  • Demo: Building Intelligent Supply Chain Application With Neo4j
  • Under The Hood: How To Manage Complexity To Extract Knowledge
  • Tweet Of The Week: @colinwren
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featured community member

This Week in Neo4j: Announcing Graph Data Science 2.0 and AuraDS Releases!!!

  • Featured Community Member: Tomaz Bratanic
  • Bite-sized Neo4j For Data Scientists: Introducing Gds 2.0!
  • Free Training: Neo4j Data Scientist Courses
  • Interview: Michael Simons On Neo4j Ogm With Quarkus
  • Article: Building A Simple Recommendation Engine In Neo4j
  • Blog: My Journey With Neo4j Graphql
  • Tweet Of The Week: Soliman Elsaber
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This Week in Neo4j: Space Junk, SHACL, Neo4j Apps with Python, Under The Hood, Spring Data, and More

  • Featured Community Member: Ron Van Weverwijk
  • Knowledge Graph: Solving Wicked Space Problems With Astriagraph
  • Going Meta Ep 3: Controlling The Shape Of Your Graph With Shacl
  • Video: Discover Neo4j Auradb Free With Michael And Adam
  • Under The Hood: The Multiple Faces Of Complexity
  • Visualization: The Message Flow Between Business Functions With Vaadin And Neo4j
  • Tweet Of The Week: @guyclapperton
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Elena Kohlwey

This Week in Neo4j: ML on Graphs, Extraction Pipelines, Kubernetes, Cybersecurity, Knowledge Graph, and More Copy

  • Featured Community Member: Elena Kohlwey
  • From Text To A Knowledge Graph: The Information Extraction Pipeline
  • Graph Data Science: Demonstrating Ml On Graphs
  • Open Security Summit: Using Neo4j For Cybersecurity
  • Database: Be Awesome With Neo4j Graph Database In Kubernetes
  • Knowledge Graph: Is A Knowledge Graph Capable Of Capturing Human Knowledge?
  • Tweet Of The Week: @jxvks
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Featured Community Member: Eric Solender

This Week in Neo4j: Bitcoin, Free GraphAcademy Courses, Visualization Tools, Graph Database, and more

  • Featured Community Member: Eric Solender
  • Real-time Dashboard: Bitcoin Transactions With Neo4j And Neodash
  • New Course: How To Build A Neo4j Application With Go
  • Training Series: Getting Started With Neo4j Bloom
  • Beginner Blog: What The Heck Is A graph Database?
  • Under The Hood: Graph Database As A System Of Record
  • Tweet Of The Week: @ifeanyidiaye
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Michal Štefaňák

This Week in Neo4j: Viterbi Algorithm, Cypher Map Projection, Knowledge Graphs, and Full-Stack GraphQL

  • Featured Community Member: Michal tefak
  • Article: Hidden Markov Model With Neo4j
  • Comprehensive Guide: Cypher Map Projection
  • Training Series: Full Stack Graphql In The Cloud
  • Knowledge Graph: Improve Crime Investigations
  • A Knowledge Graph: The Latest Medical Research Using Spark Nlp
  • Tweet Of The Week: @foojayio
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Jamie Gaskins - Featured Community Manager

This Week in Neo4j: Full Stack Graph, Fraud Detection, Kafka, and Intro to Graph

  • Featured Community Member: Jamie Gaskins
  • Under The Hood: Pop Open The Top Of Graph Technology
  • Neo4j Platform: Full Stack Graph In The Cloud
  • Graph Data Science: Exploring Fraud Detection
  • Training Series: Intro To Neo4j
  • Database: You Want Some Join Context?
  • A Knowledge Base Service: Using Neo4j, Kafka, And The Outbox Pattern
  • Tweet Of The Week: @jmhreif
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Featured Community Member: Rob Brennan

This Week in Neo4j – New Release for Data Importer, Neo4j Browser, GraphQL, Bloom, and Much More

  • Featured Community Member: Rob Brennan
  • Bloom Release: Time Travel With Neo4j Bloom 2.1
  • Native Cypher Or Apoc: Batching Transactions In Neo4j
  • Neo4j Live: Graphql Library 3.0 Release
  • Data Science: Between Chair And Keyboard With Guest Dr. Jim Webber
  • Bites, Pt. 25 Creating A Graph For A Kaggle Competition
  • Tweet Of The Week: @grantbeasley
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This Week in Neo4j – GraphConnect 2022

  • Featured Community Member: Maxime Guery
  • Call for Papers: GraphConnect 2022
  • Neo4j Driver for JavaScript
  • Neo4j Live: A Music Knowledge Graph with GraphAware
  • Creating a Clinical Knowledge Graph with Spark NLP & Neo4j
  • Monitoring the Cryptocurrency Space with NLP and Knowledge Graphs
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This Week in Neo4j – Web3, NFTs, PHP Dev, and Sports Data Science

  • Featured Community Member: Cristina Escalente
  • Orai: Project Planning with Neo4j
  • Embeddings, Named Entity Recognition, and Sports Science – Part 1
  • Exploring NFT Transactions with Neo4j
  • Building a Web App with Neo4j AuraDB and PHP
  • Using Chainlink to Interface with Neo4j from Within an Ethereum Smart Contract
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This Week in Neo4j – Start Your Graph

  • Featured Community Member: Rhys Evans
  • Optimize Fetching Data from Neo4j with Apache Arrow
  • Social Recommendations – Slack, Neo4j, and NeoDash
  •, an AI-Powered Virtual Voice Assistant for Healthcare
  • Apache Hop, a Quick Introduction
  • Neo4j Live – Code Wars: Database Decisions for Application Development
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This Week in Neo4j – Winter Blooms

  • Featured Community Member: Michal Å tefaňák
  • Introducing Neo4j Bloom 2.0
  • GeoGraph: Modeling and Building a Graph Database of Multi-source Landmarks to Help Emergency Mountain Rescuers
  • New Course: Importing CSV Data into Neo4j
  • Finding Log4j – Analysis Of Maven Repositories And Projects
  • Neo4j Tutorial on Digital Forensics and Document Fingerprinting
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This Week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j – Advent of Graphs, Neo4j 4.4, 2021 Graphie Awards, Graph Embeddings

  • Featured Community Member: Adrien Sales
  • Introducing Neo4j 4.4
  • Inspecting the Quarkus Native Call Path Universe with Neo4j
  • Analyzing Scientific Articles with Fine-Tuned SciBERT NER Model and Neo4j
  • Graph Embeddings: AI That Learns From Your Data to Solve Your Problems
  • Neo4j Graphies 2021
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This Week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j – Jeremy Grignard, Pegasus, FastRP, and a Brand New Node.js Course on GraphAcademy

  • Featured Community Member: Jeremy Grignard
  • New MEAP! Graph Algorithms for Data Science
  • Making FastRP Graph Embeddings Work for You
  • Graph-Based Investigation of Fraud Rings
  • Resolving 3 Financial Services Challenges with Neo4j Aura on Google Cloud
  • Create a Similarity Graph from Node Properties with Neo4j
  • What’s New in Neo4j-GraphQL-Java
  • Brand New Building Neo4j Applications with Node.js Course on GraphAcademy
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This Week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j – Health Care & Life Sciences Workshop, Cloudflare Workers, Apache Hop, and More

  • Featured Community Member: Ali Emre Varol
  • Videos for Neo4j Health Care & Life Sciences Workshop 2021
  • Improving News Recommendations with Cloudflare Workers & Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph: A Possible Solution for Environmental Pollution!
  • Exploring a Kaggle HR Attrition Dataset
  • 5 Minutes to Write to Neo4j with Apache Hop
  • New Export Feature in Graphlytic UI
  • Quantifying Reputation and Success in Art
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