November 17 — Join Us for a Day of

Graph Architecture and Integrations

Deep Dive: Graph Analytics for Fraud Detection

Traditional fraud prevention measures focus on discrete data points such as specific accounts, individuals, devices or IP addresses. However, fraudsters today have sophisticated ways to get away with using collaborative efforts and synthetic identities. To uncover such fraud rings, it… Read more →

Webinar Virtual English

Intro to Neo4j for Developers

The session will give an overview of the graph databases concepts and advantages in comparision to relational databases. We will also have some hands-on elements to show how practicioners can quickly and easily learn how to leverage the power of… Read more →

Webinar Virtual English

Graph Embeddings for Graph-Native Machine Learning

Join us to understand how you can use graph-native machine learning in Neo4j to make break-through predictions. Previously only accessible to researchers and a very few advanced tech companies, Neo4j has democratized graph-based ML techniques that leverage deep learning and… Read more →

Webinar Virtual English