About Unifylabs

Unifylabs focuses on value-added IT solutions for Mobility, IoT and Business Analytics applications. Our highly experienced industry domain consultants, subject area specialists and experts in Big data technologies like Hadoop, SPARK, VoltDB, NEO4J, R, etc. provide services to enterprises in monetizing the data and information assets. Our solutions in data analytics stack encompasses the dynamic requirements for data mining, discovery and visualization.

Unifylabs developed products in Hadoop, SPARK and Neo4J based stack to provide solutions for Real-time, Streaming and Big data insights applications in the areas of “Sensors monitoring in Smart city projects”, Sales promotion schemes, Risk and Fraud analysis. Neo4J in our data analytics stack increases quick and easy to perform causual analysis in transaction, network data and process mining areas.

Head quartered in Bangalore – India, UnifyLabs has 40+ strong Unifyans in core technologies.