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Neo4j Plugin for Liquibase#

[Current version | 4.28.0]

Database refactoring automation for Neo4j, the leading graph database.


The Neo4j Plugin for Liquibase (abbreviated liquibase-neo4j in the rest of the documentation) is a Neo4j extension for Liquibase. The extension allows to manage changes specifically for Neo4j databases.



The minimum required version of Neo4j is 3.5. The extension supports both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of Neo4j. Please make sure to verify the end of support date of Neo4j versions here.


The versioning scheme of the Neo4j extension follows the versioning scheme of Liquibase core. The scheme is defined as follows: major.minor.patch(.extra)?:

  • major: major version of Liquibase core that the extension was released with
  • minor: minor version of Liquibase core
  • patch: patch version of Liquibase core
  • extra: optional subsequent release of the extension, supporting Liquibase core at version Major.minor.patch (starts at 1)

When Liquibase core 4.15.0 is published, liquibase-neo4j 4.15.0 is published as well, shortly after. Subsequent extra releases will be,, ...

The extension is guaranteed to work with the corresponding Liquibase core version. It may also work with previous and subsequent Liquibase core releases but that is not guaranteed.

For instance, liquibase-neo4j is guaranteed to work with Liquibase core 4.15.0. It may also work with older and newer Liquibase core versions, but that is not always the case.


Release notes detail when a specific version of Liquibase core is required.