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The Neo4j Graph Platform – The #1 Platform for Connected Data
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Discover patterns and insights across billions of data connections deeply, easily, and quickly. 
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With Our Full Graph Stack

Native graph storage, data science, ML, analytics, and visualization with enterprise-grade security controls to scale your transactional and analytical workloads – without constraints.

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Improve Models. Sharpen Predictions.

Built by data scientists for data scientists, Neo4j Graph Data Science unearths and analyzes relationships in connected data to increase ML model accuracy and drive contextual AI – making better predictions with the data you already have.

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Build Smarter Apps. Faster.

Develop intelligent applications quickly and collaborate with a global network of developers, data scientists, and innovators, while sharing resources, insights, and technical expertise.

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Scale and Flexibility for the
Most Demanding Workloads

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Graph-Native Scale

Efficiently scale horizontally to handle high-throughputs and very large data sets with billions of connections. Autonomous Clustering streamlines server administration, enabling additional database copies or shards while maintaining top performance and availability.

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Flexibility for Connected Data

Benefit from the flexibility of the graph database model, supporting real-time updates to graph ontology and multi-database functionality. The whiteboard-friendly schema adapts as business needs change and serves diverse departmental needs.

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Eliminate Joins, Simplify Querying

Neo4j makes querying simple by eliminating tables and joins. Experience Cypher, our powerful query language that simplifies data analysis with 10x less code than SQL.

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MATCH (p:Product)-[:CATEGORY]->(l:ProductCategory)-[:PARENT*0..]->(:ProductCategory {name:"Dairy Products"})
SELECT p.ProductName
FROM Product AS p
JOIN ProductCategory pc ON (p.CategoryID = pc.CategoryID AND pc.CategoryName = "Dairy Products")

JOIN ProductCategory pc1 ON (p.CategoryID = pc1.CategoryID)
JOIN ProductCategory pc2 ON (pc1.ParentID = pc2.CategoryID AND pc2.CategoryName = "Dairy Products")

JOIN ProductCategory pc3 ON (p.CategoryID = pc3.CategoryID)
JOIN ProductCategory pc4 ON (pc3.ParentID = pc4.CategoryID)
JOIN ProductCategory pc5 ON (pc4.ParentID = pc5.CategoryID AND pc5.CategoryName = "Dairy Products");

Any Cloud. Any Architecture.

Run Neo4j in the cloud of your choice for a fully managed experience, or on-premise and self-hosted to meet the most strict data security requirements.


Deploy like a pro. No infrastructure or system access required.

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Total control, infinite possibilities. Bring your own license and deploy anywhere.

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