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The Fastest Path to Graph Productivity

Neo4j Graph Database

The most trusted, secure, and globally deployed graph database. At real-world scale, you get no-compromise performance, reliability, and data integrity.

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The Fastest Path to Graph

Battle tested for performance, Neo4j is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, scalable speed-optimized architecture, and ACID compliance.

The high-performance distributed cluster architecture of Neo4j enables the most challenging OLTP and data science workloads.

With Neo4j, you can choose from multiple cloud options – self-hosted, hybrid, multi-cloud, or our fully managed cloud service, Neo4j AuraDB.

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Key strategies to scale with evolving graph usage and data complexity.

Graph-Native Scale

Neo4j's high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with your data needs, minimizing cost and hardware while maximizing performance across connected datasets.

With graph native scale you get robust transactional guarantee, performance across billions of nodes, trillions of relationships with millisecond response time and unlimited elasticity. Relationship chain locking – a new feature introduced in Neo4j 4.3 – provides fine-grained locking so that relationships and nodes can be created/updated/deleted concurrently without causing contention, even when nodes have tens or millions of adjacent relationships. This means you can now achieve faster transaction throughput and faster data import.

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1000x Performance Advantage

Applications need to scale up and out to handle higher data volumes, while also maintaining data integrity and higher performance across a growing diversity of on premises, hybrid, and cloud architectures.

With Neo4j, you get reliably fast transactions with ultra-high parallelized throughput, thanks to index-free adjacency that shortens read time and gets even better as data complexity increases.

Learn how Adobe scales with Neo4j

Fine-Grained Security

Neo4j enforces rigorous enterprise security rules while remaining easy to deploy and manage. Protections like “row-level” security in relational databases are not enough when using graphs. Organizations need fine-grained access control for mission-critical security and privacy.

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Schema-Based Security

The structure of the relationships and nodes in a graph are themselves protected information. Schema-based security makes it easy to enforce a deeper level of protection, whether you have multiple on-premise graph databases or an enormous graph sharded across multiple cloud repositories around the world.

Role-Based Access Control

Neo4j offers granular security down to individual objects and their properties. With a role-based access control approach, you can restrict access at any level of granularity, and these controls cascade downwards throughout the database, simplifying the task of assigning permissions.

Data Privacy

Neo4j's multi-database capabilities make it easier for organizations to adhere to privacy and security regulations by building security into the database. Rather than tasking developers with security, developers write applications against a scalable and security-conscious Neo4j backend.

Designed for the Cloud

Neo4j is designed with flexibility in mind to help meet the evolving needs of your applications, and includes options to run in any cloud environment. Neo4j also offers developer control, robust data pipelines, and modern reactive architecture.

Operational Flexibility

Today’s agile, test-driven development practices demand that applications evolve with changing business requirements. Neo4j provides extremely flexible data models, and constantly improving SLAs for backup and recovery timeframes, operability, and high availability.

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Designed for the Cloud

Neo4j runs on-premises and natively on any cloud platform. Server-side Routing – a new feature, simplifies setup with load balancers, orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, application stacks like GRANDstack, and client tools like Bloom and Browser.

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Developer Friendly

Neo4j empowers developers by providing them with full control over how their applications interact with the database, including robust data pipelines, streaming data, machine learning, and more. Neo4j’s responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven reactive architecture delivers maximum scalability and performance.

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Centralized Neo4j Database
Management At Scale

Neo4j Ops Manager makes it easy to monitor and administer all Neo4j databases and instances from a single location. It helps enterprises who self-manage Neo4j increase their administrators' productivity and improve the reliability of multiple deployments and hosts.


Turnkey Monitoring Get instant visualization of key health metrics for all Neo4j databases, instances, and clusters. This eliminates the need for manual setup or fees for third party tools.

Centralized Management From a single application you can access everything you need to manage all databases in your Neo4j environments, whether they are deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Actionable Insights Analyze key metrics that matter most right out of the box to take data-driven actions for your Neo4j environments quickly.

With Neo4j, you get reliably fast transactions with ultra-high parallelized throughput, thanks to index-free adjacency that shortens read time and gets even better as data complexity increases.

Administer Neo4j databases and monitor their health
wherever they're deployed from one application.

Neo4j Ops Manager works with Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

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“At albelli, we regularly deal with petabytes of data, and we are most excited about the new scalability features in Neo4j 4.0. The ability to horizontally scale with the new sharding and federation features, alongside Neo4j’s optimal scale-up architecture, will enable us to grow our graph database without barriers.”

Josh Marcus, Chief Technology Officer, albelli

Bet365’s Risk Management Team quickly concluded that the technology would comfortably provide the scalability demanded by its applications for the foreseeable future. "Our graph is over 1.5 terabytes yet it is still extremely fast."

Richard Burton, Head of Management Information Systems, Hillside Technology Ltd.

"Getting a competitive price for a plane journey involves a large amount of complex data processing that the traveler just never sees. So it’s a big job, and an important one. Just one of our many airline customers estimates that, every day, if you add up all the various markets, flights, seats, and options in what they put in the sky, it’s over 100 billion product permutations. “Neo4j has met the needs of our product teams and delighted our customers. It’s performant, scalable, and we expect it to continue to help us expose and build new airline data products and services.”

Navid Abbassi, Chief Architect, ATPCO

"NASA has over 50 years of data, dating back to the Apollo and Gemini eras. Based on what I have seen, billions of nodes and relationships will not be an issue with Neo4j."

David Meza, NASA

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