Use Cases: Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs Empower Your Data to Do More

Knowledge graphs codify data, allowing the use of connections to infer new knowledge. This enables exploration, discovery and decision-making by human, software or AI systems.

The World Has Changed.
Knowing Is Half the Battle.

Knowledge Graphs Cityscape

It's no secret that global stresses are straining rigid, inefficient systems to breaking points. The need for rapid reconfiguration of operations and processes is real.

To not only survive but thrive, businesses like yours need to be resilient, nimble and take creative approaches to meet these modern day challenges – using the data you already have on hand.

The good news? The new wave of data-driven advanced analytics and optimization – built on structured data systems created to acquire and integrate adjacent information – is here to help. But taking strides toward digital transformation means you first need to turn data into useful knowledge by storing information in a connected way.

Enter the knowledge graph.

Everything a Knowledge Graph Should Be

Community Detection

Connected & Unifying

Siloed data must be easily traversed to detect and make connections with relevant, related attributes.


Flexible & Dynamic

Easily update schemas and add new data and dynamic auto updates with intelligent labels.


Explainable & Practical

Domain knowledge that's easy to visualize and understand, with the ability to apply it to new situations.

Heuristic Link Prediction

Analytical & Scientific

Deep knowledge is derived from advanced queries, graph algorithms and data science capabilities.

Pathfinding & Search

Performant at Scale

Run graph algorithms at enterprise scale and get fast results for even highly complex queries.

Grow the Impact of
Your Knowledge Graph

Connected City

Knowledge graphs ensure search results are contextually relevant to your needs, but that’s just the beginning.

As more and different types of data are added – and as you write-back analytics results – you're continually enhancing your knowledge graph, increasing its usefulness and value.

Using graph visualization tools like Neo4j Bloom and integrating with BI platforms then empowers you to intuitively explore graphs while sharing graph-based insights to an entirely new audience.

See how Neo4j customers have evolved their knowledge graph for even more positive business impact.

Independent Survey on Technology
Executive Priorities for Knowledge Graphs

What are technology executives using their knowledge graphs for? Read survey results from 100 executives to understand their priorities, the potential barriers to adoption, and the business outcomes they foresee.

Knowledge Graph Illustration

Baseline Knowledge

A knowledge graph is most often used to aggregate and search large volumes of static internal data. Discover how NASA took an astronomical amount of data scattered across the organization to form a knowledge graph – with billions of nodes – so researchers can easily search their "lessons learned" database that stores crucial details from past missions.

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New Discoveries and Insights

Successful clinical trials depend on finding the right therapeutic experts, physicians and participants. That research takes a long time. At PRA Health Sciences, Neo4j Bloom empowers the business development team to visually explore connections and rapidly identify trusted partners.

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More Accurate Predictions and Forecasting

Pulling in data from multiple sources, the U.S. Army, together with Calibre, is able to forecast the need for replacement parts, perform multidimensional cost comparison and trend analysis, inform the Army’s budget requirements process, and answer vital “what if” questions that weren't possible with their legacy systems.

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Decisioning Based on Contextual Relevance

Boston Scientific prides themselves on maintaining excellence in manufacturing. By pulling manufacturing data into a Neo4j knowledge graph, they detangle complex processes by analyzing all relationships between their supply chain components and testing failures, pinpointing areas of improvement while increasing accessibility across the business.

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Active, Increased Business Agility

Owned by the world’s major airlines, ATPCO blends pricing/retailing data and systems with innovative technology to help airlines best manage their complex products in the marketplace. A Neo4j knowledge graph now powers their graph-based pricing platform. They have gone on to use Neo4j as the core of at least five of their main services, and the pricing engine has helped one startup offer an innovative, new product to the airline sector.

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Neo4j Amplifies Your Outcomes

Answer intractable questions

Uncomplicated Streamline the process of capturing and applying complete knowledge with technology built to acquire and integrate adjacent information.

Scale to tens of billions of nodes

Performance Run Neo4j algorithms over 10's of billions of nodes and slash query speeds from minutes (or hours) to milliseconds.

Performance of a graph-specific analytics workspace

Agility A flexible schema makes it simple to transform, reshape and export graphs, based on evolving business needs – without disruption.

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Productivity Cypher is easy to learn and requires 10x less code than SQL – a win for efficiency. We also offer a wealth of resources, support and community.

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Hardware Efficiency Native graph query processing and storage demands 10x less hardware than RDBMS or NoSQL graphs, enabling direct cost savings.

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Trusted Leadership Neo4j is the creator of the property graph model with thousands of customers, a vibrant global community and expert service teams.

Not sure how to get started?

Our graph experts provide professional services – from onsite training to a Knowledge Graph Quick Start service – that takes you from zero to operational in as little as 8-10 weeks.

In addition, you can use our pre-built and customizable Solution Frameworks with proven code, models and components for multiple types of knowledge graphs. These supported frameworks include data models and ontologies for areas such as financial systems, supply chain, privacy compliance as well as customer, employee and patient information.


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