Augment Your Knowledge Graph with Highly Contextual Search Results

Managing your organization’s growing library of digital assets requires a highly contextual search solution. With Neo4j, you augment your enterprise search capabilities with knowledge graph i.e. graph-based search capabilities to deliver only relevant results. For example, a simple keyword search can be augmented with additional results that are related to the keyword without being explicitly requested in the search.

Neo4j based graph-based search is used by companies to improve search capabilities of product, services, content and knowledge catalogs.

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Business Outcomes

Improved access to information

With the power of graph-based search, users and customers are more likely to find the product, service or digital asset they need most, improving their access to the information they need to make the best decision regarding your business.

Higher user engagement and satisfaction

When users are given the most relevant (and possibly unexpected) search results, they are more likely to engage further with your company, brand or product. No more endless searches that yield only useless results.

Effective cataloging and efficient queries

Assign a flexible variety of rich metadata to your searchable data points or assets for faster search and retrieval at query time.


Large and growing volume of data assets

Your big datasets grow bigger every moment, and without a data store that effectively stores the exponential number of relationships between data points, your search capabilities will always be limited to discrete queries. Any technology solution should accommodate the growing size, variety, metadata and relationships inherent in your dataset.

Difficult-to-construct precise search queries

Without the context of relationships and metadata, any search solution will fail to provide the precise results a user is looking for. Yet, to remain competitive today’s search engines need to zero in on user history, intent and context.

Harder to disambiguate search queries

As the volume of data increases, the likelihood of overlapping but irrelevant search results increases significantly. Discrete search engines merely provide a larger quantity of results, while today’s searches require a greater focus on quality and relevance.

Why Neo4j?

Native graph store

Unlike relational databases, Neo4j stores interconnected master data that is neither linear nor purely hierarchical. Neo4j’s native graph storing makes it easier to decipher your data by not forcing intermediate indexing at every turn.

Flexible schema

Neo4j’s versatile property graph model makes it easier for organizations to evolve master data models.

Performance and scalability

Neo4j’s native graph processing engine supports high-performance graph queries on large master datasets to enable real-time decision making.

High availability

The built-in, high-availability features of Neo4j ensure your master data is always available for mission-critical applications.

White Paper: Sustainable Competitive Advantage

White Paper: Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Creating Business Value through Data Relationships

Where does sustainable competitive advantage come from? It’s not from data volume or velocity, but from the knowledge of relationships in your data.

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