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Build intelligent applications faster and easier with native graph performance, flexible schema-optional data models, and intuitive join-free queries.

Neo4j: What is it good for?

Eliminating joins, finding hidden connections - these are just a couple reasons why using Neo4j makes building modern apps easier.

Eliminate Joins

Data is stored as it's connected. Neo4j does not have tables, so there's nothing to join. This expense and time sink disappears in a native graph database.

See how Monsanto picked up the pace and went from seconds to milliseconds.

Find Patterns, Paths, and Hidden Connections

Finding paths is torture in SQL, because you're asking a graph question about a table. Neo4j native relationships help you see how novel ideas, people, and products are connected. Generate recommendations, root out fraud, and see the real pattern behind the matrix.

See how the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) uncovered hidden power playing with graph technology.

Get a Handle on Many-to-Many Relationships

With traditional tables and BI, sometimes you can't see the forest (what your data is saying) for all of the trees (the individual data items). Graphs are flexible, letting you catalog just about anything and keep it connected without losing the big picture view.

Discover how NASA got to Mars faster with Neo4j.

Navigate Large Hierarchies

Graphs make it a snap to handle multi-level data. Extract, aggregate, summarize, and traverse hierarchies no matter the complexity - all at speed.

Learn how Bayer increased crop yields with a graph database.

Developer Education Resources

Learn the benefits of graph technology from a variety of
educational experiences.

The Language of Graphs

Cypher is a declarative open query language that allows for expressive and efficient queries in a property graph. Originally built by Neo4j, Cypher is easy-to-learn and the widely adopted standard
graph query language of developers worldwide.

Learn more about Cypher

MATCH (j:Person)-[r:LIKES]-(tech:Technology)-[r2:LIKES]-(p:Person) 
  WHERE'Jennifer' AND tech.type='Graphs'

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Write your first graph-enabled application using full code examples. Find your favorite language and get the documentation, sample code, and tools you need to start developing with Neo4j today.

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