Building a Better World With Connected Data

Neo4j’s mission has always been focused on helping organizations make sense of data to solve their most complex business problems. With Graphs4Good, mission-driven innovators are applying these same principles of graph technology to solve some of society’s greatest challenges – from protecting the planet, to getting to Mars two years ahead of schedule; from investigative journalism, to the fight against cancer, and so much more.

Graph has become essential to these solutions, given its ability to find hidden relationships and patterns across billions of data connections deeply, easily and quickly, in ways that no other technology can. Graphs4Good initiatives are changing the world in ways that we never dreamed of – and it’s just the beginning. I’m so excited to see what more we can accomplish together.

Emil Eifrem
Co-Founder and CEO, Neo4j

Graphs4Good’s Mission:

Building a better world with connected data

Impactful Initiatives

Here are some of the most powerful stories and examples of how graphistas across the globe are using graph technology to build a better world – and how you can get involved.

With the help of Neo4j, researchers around the globe are using graph technology to end some of the most complex diseases, match clinical trials with patients, and search for cures to fight against cancer.

Additionally, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many community members used Neo4j to analyze vast amounts of connected data about people, infections, locations, drugs, local response and more to understand everything from potential treatments to modeling disruption of impacted supply chains.

Here are just a few examples of the incredible work being done across the spectrum of Life Sciences:

While they originated in mathematics, graphs are advancing research that has global impact. From helping humanity reach for the stars, to creating a graph designed to track space objects and drive sustainability in space, to identifying persons of interest around the globe, graphs give researchers, scientists, investigators, and technologists a new way to find solutions for problems that affect us all.

Pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, here are some examples of the ways graph technology users are making a positive social impact:

Investigative journalism involves finding indirect connections, and with the help of a graph, journalists expose the power of being able to trace these connections at scale. Graph databases helped journalists recognize patterns, strengthen reporting, and understand large datasets during The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) prize-winning investigations, including the Panama Papers, Pandora Papers, and FinCEN Files.

Learn more about investigative journalism Graphs4Good projects with these valuable resources:

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