Gartner Data & Analytics Summit EMEA

Neo4j is a gold sponsor of the virtual Gartner Data & Analytics Summit EMEA, the premier gathering for data and analytics leaders, including chief data/analytics officers, analytics and business intelligence leaders, senior IT, and practitioners. Known as one of the… Read more →

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Neo4j im Finanzwesen mit DIVIZEND

DIVIZEND ist ein führendes WealthTech - Slogan "Find. Act. Maximize." bzw. "Finden. Handeln. Maximieren." - was sich ganzheitlich um das Thema Finanzen kümmert. Auf Basis von Neo4j wurde der weltweit erste interaktive Dividendenscreener für die 20 wichtigsten internationalen Wertpapiermärkte sowie… Read more →

Webinar Virtual German

Neo4j Live Demo: Key Features – Asia Pac Edition

Join us for a live Neo4j Demo. Learn how Neo4j has revolutionized working with connected data. During the 30-minute demo our product experts will showcase key Neo4j features and answer questions live from the audience.

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Neo4j Live Demo: Supply Chain

Attend this live demo session to see Neo4j in action. In just 30 minutes, product experts will highlight enterprise supply chain use cases and showcase key product features. They will also be available to answer live questions from the audience.

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Atelier en ligne : modélisation avec Neo4j

Cette session explique comment designer et implémenter un modèle de données de graphe et ses requêtes associées. Grâce à un mélange de théorie et de pratique, vous apprendrez à créer utiliser une base de données de graphe pour résoudre des… Read more →

Training Virtual French

Workshop – Neo4j Basics

This hands-on course helps build a good knowledge of graph databases. It also teaches the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. With a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions, you will quickly learn how easy it is to… Read more →

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Neo4j Live Demo: Using Graphs for Fraud Detection

Real-time analysis of data relationships is essential to uncovering fraud rings and other sophisticated scams before fraudsters and criminals cause lasting damage. Join us for a 45-minute live demo where we showcase how Neo4j uncovers difficult-to-detect patterns that far outperform… Read more →

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Google Cloud Financial Services Summit

Neo4j is a signature sponsor of the Google Cloud Financial Services Summit. Join us and hear executives and customers discuss new possibilities that can help accelerate your business.

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Graph Visualisierung mit Neo4j Bloom

Nachdem wir im ersten Schritt unsere Daten vom Whiteboard als Modell in unsere Neo4j Graphdatenbank geladen haben, wollen wir uns in diesem Webinar dem visuellen Aspekt von Graphen widmen. Mit Neo4j Bloom gibt es ein einfach zu verwendendes Visualisierungstool, um… Read more →

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Graph Data Science Nordics

In this webinar we want to give you whirlwind tour over Neo4j's Graph Data Science Library! Discover what it is exactly and why you should care about it to harness the predictive power of relationships in your data. Particularily in… Read more →

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Atelier en ligne : Graph Data Science avec Neo4j

Cette session permet d'acquérir les connaissances de base sur les bases de données de graphes et les fonctionnalités clés de Neo4j. Grâce à un mélange de théorie et de pratique, vous apprendrez à créer une base de données de graphes… Read more →

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NODES 2021

Welcome to 2021 NODES Online Conference! For the third year (and running), NODES is back! Yes, it is 2021, which means plenty of graphistas are emerging from quarantine with the coolest, smartest, and inspiring projects using Neo4j – and they… Read more →

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Google Cloud Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit

Neo4j is a signature sponsor of the Google Cloud Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit. Join us to gain valuable insight from manufacturers who have boosted productivity across their enterprises with digital solutions powered by AI and analytics.

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Das erste Graphmodell: Neo4j Whiteboarding-Session

In diesem Webinar wollen wir vorstellen, wie schnell und einfach der Start mit Graphdatenbanken und Neo4j sein kann. Der erste Schritt wird hier wie in den meisten Fällen an einem Whiteboard gemacht: Semantische Begriffe müssen definiert werden und Abhängigkeiten zwischen… Read more →

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