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At Neo4j, relationships are first-class entities: within our company, within our products, with our partners, with our customers and within our open source community. Relationships always come first. We hire smart, creative and humble people who possess a lot of heart and drive - and we value and build relationships in everything they do.

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Our Values

Our values are deep rooted and something we live by every day.


At Neo4j, relationships are first-class entities. We intentionally nurture and cultivate relationships within our company, within our products, with our customers, with our shareholders, with our partners, and with our open source community. As a company, this is our primary value from which all others derive.


We are successful only when others are successful. Thus, we strive to create a friction-free experience for our users across all Neo4j products and services. Our users include not only data practitioners, but also the businesses they work for, the communities they interact with, and every Neo4j employee supports user success – from customer service to sales, from engineering to finance.

(we)-[:THRIVE_IN]->(culture {type: "Open, Inclusive"})

We believe that seeing the world from different angles makes our company and our products stronger. We work best when we're open to and inclusive of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, colors, genders and more. We all work on equal terms, and we're generous with our knowledge, time and skills.

(we)-[:ASSUME]->(intent {type:"Positive"})

Our colleagues are at their most creative and productive when they feel safe and trusted. But sometimes even the best intentions are lost in translation across time zones, languages, diverse backgrounds and out-of-context situations. When we assume positive intent in every communication, we learn to trust our colleagues to do the right thing. That trust binds us together as a team.

(we)-[:VALUE]->(:Discussion {type:"honest"})

Rich, diverse relationships will generate discussion and disagreement, but we welcome these opportunities to let the best ideas win. We don't bring hidden agendas to our discussions but our most authentic selves. We converse with colleagues, customers, partners and users in a way that's logical, professional and intellectually honest to the strengths and weaknesses of an idea.


At Neo4j, we value action over talk. When we commit to something – a project, a deliverable, a deadline, a customer, a relationship – we make it happen. And when things come up or circumstances change, we take full ownership and report back with a new plan for delivering on our original commitment.

Our Locations

We are spread across 41 locations and four offices.

Life at Neo4j

"The people working here are brought together by their passion for advanced technology. If you want to work with software engineering with a real technical depth, this is simply the place to be."

Marie Gaillard, Director of Engineering. Malmö, Sweden
Marie Gaillard

"Working for Neo4j allows me to do what I enjoy the most. Solving really complex problems in a highly concurrent low-level environment with focus on performance and resource management together with the most qualified and inspiring colleagues."

Valdemar Roxling, Software Engineer. Malmö, Sweden
Valedmar Roxling

"In my role at Neo4j, I’m democratizing the practice. We’re taking incredibly academic science methods and making it possible for anyone who downloads our software to run algorithms with a few commands."

Alicia Frame, Director - Graph Data Science. Brooklyn, NY
Alicia Frame

"This company has a great culture of employees and connections. I enjoy working with my team every day and being a part of this new technology."

Keoni Gaspar, Sr. Business Development Manager. San Mateo, CA
Keoni Gaspar

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