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Culture @ Neo4j

At Neo4j, our culture is centered around relationships. Just like our graph technology, our relationships-first approach connects everyone, from employees to customers and partners. Relationships serve as the foundation of our core values.

Our Values

Neo4j’s core values reflect how we connect with each other and to the world around us. We promote an open, diverse, and positive culture.


We value relationships


At Neo4j, relationships are first-class entities. We intentionally nurture and cultivate relationships within our company, within our products, with our customers, with our shareholders, with our partners, and with our open source community. As a company, this is our primary value from which all others derive.


We focus on user success


We are successful only when others are successful. Thus, we strive to create a friction-free experience for our users across all Neo4j products and services. Our users include not only data practitioners, but also the businesses they work for, the communities they interact with, and every Neo4j employee supports user success – from customer service and sales to engineering and finance.


We thrive in a culture that is open and inclusive

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We believe that seeing the world from different angles makes our company and our products stronger. We work best when we're open to and inclusive of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, colors, genders, and more. We all work on equal terms, and we're generous with our knowledge, time, and skills.


We assume positive intent

(we)-[:ASSUME]->(intent {type:"Positive"})

Our colleagues are at their most creative and productive when they feel safe and trusted. But sometimes even the best intentions are lost in translation across time zones, languages, diverse backgrounds, and out-of-context situations. When we assume positive intent in every communication, we learn to trust our colleagues to do the right thing. That trust binds us together as a team.


We welcome intellectually honest discussions

(we)-[:WELCOME]->(discussions {type: "IntellectuallyHonest"})

Rich, diverse relationships will generate discussion and disagreement, but we welcome these opportunities to let the best ideas win. We don't bring hidden agendas to our discussions, but our most authentic selves. We converse with colleagues, customers, partners, and users in a way that's logical, professional, and intellectually honest to the strengths and weaknesses of an idea.


We deliver on our commitments


At Neo4j, we value action over talk. When we commit to something – a project, a deliverable, a deadline, a customer, a relationship – we make it happen. And when things come up or circumstances change, we take full ownership and report back with a new plan for delivering on our original commitment.

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Life at Neo4j

At Neo4j, we thrive on innovation, collaboration, and our passion for technology. We work hard, but like to have fun too! Our special events and online interest groups foster a vibrant global community of enthusiastic employees.

  • “What really differentiates Neo4j from other workplaces I have had in the past is its genuinely inclusive and amazing culture that runs through the entire company. Throughout my time here I’ve come to know so many brilliant co-workers not only on a professional level but also on an interpersonal level, which has allowed me to thrive in many dimensions. I am proud to be a part of this once in a lifetime journey.”

    Sadie Percell Manager, Global Compensation and People
  • “Neo4j is the kind of company which comes around once in a blue moon. Cutting edge technology, the most passionate and caring colleagues, a vibrant ecosystem of customers, partners and community all driving towards a singular goal of driving tremendous value to every one that has access to the technology. It’s an absolute privilege to play a part in this amazing generational company. I couldn’t be more excited to see what Neo4j has in store for the coming years.”

    Kay Nair VP, Global Cloud and Strategic Sales
  • “The problems Neo4j solves are what I will tell my kids and grandkids as my small contribution to the impact tech made in my days. I can’t think of very many companies where the mission is this close to the heart.”

    Nik Vora VP, Sales APAC
  • “What we are doing here is ambitious: reimagining data to make context and causes more visible and actionable. This kind of long-term journey takes a special kind of person and team— one that values relationships and trust above short-term results.”

    Philip Rathle SVP of Product
  • “Neo4j is by far the best stop in my professional career and the one I was hoping to find at one point in time! A great combination of the vision for creating a new category in data management with the graph database, and a well thought through robust and proven product and constantly evolving technology which stands out and creates high value for the customers. But all of that would not be possible without all my wonderful colleagues where every single one makes the difference and combines talent with passion and caring for each other, the customers, and beyond. I'm very happy and proud to be part of this exciting journey and look forward to all the things to come over the next years!”

    Stefan Kolmar VP Field Engineering EMEA and APAC
  • “Working for Neo4j allows me to do what I enjoy the most – solving really complex problems in a highly concurrent low-level environment with a focus on performance and resource management together with the most qualified and inspiring colleagues.”

    Marie Gaillard Director of Engineering
  • “The people working here are brought together by their passion for advanced technology. If you want to work with software engineering with a real technical depth, this is simply the place to be.”

    Valdemar Roxling Senior Software Engineer
  • “At Neo4j, when there is an issue, there is a good sense to solve it. There is a strong commitment to one of our values: assume positive intent. The values come from the top leadership and down. You feel you are cared for, appreciated.”

    Luisa Raviol Product Manager, Neo4j Database
  • “Neo4j is cutting edge technology, with a fantastic mission. I appreciate that we have a clear mission, [to help the world make sense of data] - it's really inspiring! Everyone is very motivated by this direction. I came from a different background, the music industry, so it was a new challenge for me. There is a nurturing culture - my colleagues go outside of their job to help me and others succeed.”

    Hélène Sanchez Product Manager, GraphQL
  • “First of all, it is very motivating, because you work with real problems. It's not very repetitive, so you never get bored of what you do. If you like to solve problems I can't think of a better place! People are really passionate about what they do. There is lots of autonomy, and creativity.”

    Tselmeg Basaan Software Engineer, Cluster team
  • “There's autonomy, collaboration, interaction with the designer. I enjoy participating in the roadmap planning. There's lots of focus time for coding, and we get to present some work during a showcase each Friday.”

    Emma Nash Software Engineer, DevTools team
  • “You get to have a lot of impact on different parts of the software infrastructure, which is really cool. When you make changes in a large and complex system and see the final product, it is really satisfying. It is amazing to see how it all comes together in the end.”

    Olof Englund Software Engineer, Aura (Orchestration)
  • “The people at Neo4j went out of their way to help me get on the right path. I appreciate the opportunities I've had for career development - for example I'm currently getting my Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification, which is really exciting to me.”

    Yigit Acar Corporate Account Executive
  • “Everyone at Neo4j is very nice and helpful and I don't feel a sense of competition with my colleagues. It is rare to find this quality on a sales team, especially in a company that's a market leader. Instead, everyone is working together to push the company forward.”

    Elizear Torres Sales Development Representative

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