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Register Now for Global Graph Celebration Day: 40+ Events Already Scheduled Worldwide!

On Monday, April 15, thousands of graph enthusiasts around the world will come together to celebrate Leonhard Euler's birthday – the inventor of graph theory. With over 40 events across 5 continents – in places like São Paulo, London, San Francisco, Bengaluru, Canberra, Austin, Tokyo and more –

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Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: Louvain Modularity

Graph algorithms provide the means to understand, model and predict complicated dynamics such as the flow of resources or information, the pathways through which contagions or network failures spread, and the influences on and resiliency of groups. This blog series is designed to help you better utilize

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Dimensions of Digital Transformation: 5-Minute Interview with Dave Stevens

"Graphs are transforming the way we approach our client conversations," said Dave Stevens, Distinguished Architect at DXC Technology. DXC Technology is a service provider, helping clients deal with massive shifts around digital disruption and digital transformation. Graph technology enables DXC to

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