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Neo4j Blog
Dimensions of Digital Transformation: 5-Minute Interview with Dave Stevens

"Graphs are transforming the way we approach our client conversations," said Dave Stevens, Distinguished Architect at DXC Technology. DXC Technology is a service provider, helping clients deal with massive shifts around digital disruption and digital transformation. Graph technology enables DXC to

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Neo4j Blog
Keep Calm and Drink Tea: Graphing Britain’s Most Beloved Hot Beverage

Here at Neo4j, we have a motto: Graphs Are Everywhere. This blog series was inspired by all the times I encountered graphs and "graph problems" in my non-working life. Hopefully these posts help you see more graphs in the world. If you’d like to share graphs you find in the wild, leave a post on the Neo4j

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Neo4j Blog
Sentiment and Social Network Analysis

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Laura Drummer at GraphConnect New York in November 2017. Presentation Summary Traditional social network analysis is performed on a series of nodes and edges, generally gleaned from metadata about interactions between several actors – without actually

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