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Host an Event (Big or Small) with Us for Global Graph Celebration Day

We’re inviting our global community to join us on April 15, 2019 to celebrate the birth of the inventor of graph theory! On this day, we invite all our Neo4j community members around the globe in help us lead this day of celebration, collaboration and advocacy around the topic of graph-thinking and those

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Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: Closeness Centrality

Graph algorithms provide the means to understand, model and predict complicated dynamics such as the flow of resources or information, the pathways through which contagions or network failures spread, and the influences on and resiliency of groups. This blog series is designed to help you better utilize

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#GraphCast: Fake News Edition

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our new series featuring what you might have missed on the Neo4j YouTube channel. Last time, our Editor-in-Chief, Bryce Merkl Sasaki, pivoted away from video and onto the podcast medium to highlight a recent Exponential View interview with CEO and Co-Founder of

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