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Neo4j Blog
Announcing Neo4j Labs: Incubating the Next Generation of Graph Developer Tooling

As the Director of the Developer Relations engineering team, I couldn't be more proud of the things we have achieved over the last few years. Our focus was to build integrations, tools and libraries that extend the Neo4j Graph Platform and make it easier for all users to successfully use the database for

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Neo4j Blog
The Future of Data Visualization

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Brendan Madden at GraphConnect New York in October 2017. Presentation Summary Tom Sawyer Software is a graph data visualization tool that was founded long before graph databases first hit the market. But with the comparatively recent arrival of both big

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Neo4j Blog
Register Now for Global Graph Celebration Day: 40+ Events Already Scheduled Worldwide!

On Monday, April 15, thousands of graph enthusiasts around the world will come together to celebrate Leonhard Euler's birthday – the inventor of graph theory. With over 40 events across 5 continents – in places like São Paulo, London, San Francisco, Bengaluru, Canberra, Austin, Tokyo and more –

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