My Neo4j Summer Road Trip to the World of Healthcare [Part 2]

Part 2: Visualize XML Files in Neo4j with APOC Welcome back to my Neo4j summer adventure. In my previous post, I gathered all the available data and explored how to model the data into a healthcare graph. Starting with this post, I will be focusing on loading the data into the healthcare graph. As a Neo4j newbie, before starting ETL, I researched on methods people have been using to... Read more →

Part 2 of using Neo4j to graph the healthcare industry. This week: XML and lobbying disclosures


The 5-Minute Interview: Ivan Portilla, IT Architect at IBM

For this week's 5-Minute Interview, I spoke with Ivan Portilla, IT Architect at IBM. I sat down with Ivan at GraphConnect Europe. Here's what we talked about: How Neo4j was used in the WayBlazer project? Ivan: Neo4j was the key technology in a proof of concept (POC) we performed last year with WayBlazer, an IBM business partner. WayBlazer did this POC with a large international... Read more →


Network Security & CMDBs: Why Graph Visualization Is Essential

You're a security auditor. Your job is to secure your company's network – you might as well be assigned to single handedly defend the entire Western Front. But unlike the armies of the Great War, you have an amazing tool: logs. Hundreds and hundreds of log files provide insight to every little crevice of your network. Unfortunately you have to slave over all of these logs – no small task.... Read more →

Learn why graph visualization is vital for network security & configuration management databases


How Go + Neo4j Enabled the Financial Times to Deliver at Speed

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by Dan Murphy from the Financial Times at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here's a quick recap of what he covered: The transition of media from print to digital, particularly for the Financial Times Why the FT team moved away from a failing semantic linked data platform How they turned the project around using Go and Neo4j graph technology Their... Read more →

Watch Dan Murphy's presentation on how Go and Neo4j enabled the Financial Times to deliver at speed


APOC 1.1.0 Release: Awesome Procedures on Cypher

I’m super thrilled to announce last week's 1.1.0 release of the Awesome Procedures on Cypher (APOC). A lot of new and cool stuff has been added and some issues have been fixed. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the procedure collection, especially Stefan Armbruster, Kees Vegter, Florent Biville, Sascha Peukert, Craig Taverner, Chris Willemsen and many more. And of course my thanks go... Read more →

Learn what's new in the 1.1.0 release of in the Awesome Procedures on Cypher (a.k.a. "APOC") library


Graph Databases for Beginners: Native vs. Non-Native Graph Technology

No technology is equally good at everything, and databases are no exception. It’s possible for databases to satisfy different kinds of functions: batch and transactional workloads, memory access and disk access, SQL and XML access and graph and document data models. When building a database management system (DBMS), development teams must decide early on what cases to optimize for, which... Read more →

Learn the differences between native and non-native options in graph technology



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