New Cypher Features Inspired by GraphQL [Neo4j 3.1 Preview]

When GraphQL was published as part of Facebook's React efforts, it made a big buzz as an straightforward means to declare what kind of projection of your domain data you need for a certain UI component. Using a JSON-like syntax you define which properties of your entity and related entities you want to be part of the data structure you get back from the server. Here is an example from a Stack... Read more →

Learn all about these new features in Cypher inspired by GraphQL and get a sneak peek at Neo4j 3.1


The 5-Minute Interview: Luanne Misquitta, Senior Consultant at GraphAware

For this week's 5-Minute Interview, I interviewed Luanne Misquitta, Senior Consultant at GraphAware. Luanne and I caught up at GraphConnect Europe last April. Here's what we talked about: Can you tell us a little bit about Spring Data Neo4j? Luanne Misquitta: Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) allows you to map your domain objects to a graph and focus on your domain model, entities and... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Luanne Misquitta, Senior Consultant at GraphAware


Neo4j with Scala: User-Defined Procedures and APOC

Editor's Note: For more information on the Scala driver for Neo4j – AnormCypher – check out our developer page here. In my last blog post, Getting Started with Neo4j with Scala: An Introduction, we discussed about how to use Neo4j with Scala. Now we are going to take it one step further. As you likely know from using a relational database (RDBMS), procedures provide the advantages... Read more →

Learn more about using Scala with Neo4j for user-defined procedures and APOC


Building a Real-Time Recommendation Engine with Data Science

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by Nicole White at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here's a quick review of what she covered: Basic graph-powered recommendations Social recommendations Similarity recommendations Cluster recommendations – What we’re going to be talking about today is data science and graph recommendations: I've been with Neo4j for two years now,... Read more →

Watch Nicole White's talk on real-time recommendation engines via social, similarity and clusters


Using Chocolatey to Install Neo4j on Windows [Community Post]

There are many ways to install Neo4j on a Windows server or desktop, including as a simple .exe file or a .zip file. However, it would be great to make it easy to install Neo4j in a more Windows-standard way. Previously this was difficult in Windows as there was no standard package manager, however Chocolatey has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years as the Windows package... Read more →

Learn how to use Chocolatey to install Neo4j on a Windows machine


Graph Databases for Beginners: Graph Theory & Predictive Modeling

Graphs are everywhere, from illustrating the connections between Game of Thrones characters to tracking the interactions betweens hundreds of thousands of servers in a public network. Throughout this blog series, we've talked a lot about the practical details of working with graph databases. Now it's time to discuss graph theory, with its a far more practical application to everyday life.... Read more →

Learn how to use concepts of social graph theory & predictive modeling to understand connected data



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