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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Graph Data Science 2.1 Is Better Than Ever

We don’t take breaks at Neo4j – we’re following up GraphConnect with yet another awesome release of the Graph Data Science (GDS) library. Our engineers are constantly raising the bar, and some of the highlights in this release: 🆕 New algorithms: K-means clustering and Leiden... read more

Developers.Zed: The LinkedIn for Developers in Zambia

Disruption in technology is driving change across every major industry today, and that change represents a unique opportunity for organizations of any size and value to differentiate through innovation. Whether it's getting to Mars earlier than expected, or connecting disparate sources of... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Bloom 2.3, Graph Data Science, Java, AWS, Python, Ontology, Microservices, and More

Graph Data Science features are now available in Bloom 2.3! Just select the Graph Data Science icon and choose from the available algorithms. The GDS plugin needs to be installed on the database for self-managed users, or you can use AuraDS. To get an idea of what Bloom and Graph Data... read more

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This Week in Neo4j: AuraDS on Vertex AI, Going Meta Series, Cypher Cheatsheet, GraphConnect Recordings, Centrality Algorithms, and More

Back in January, we previewed Neo4j AuraDS and Google Cloud Vertex AI’s partnership and demonstrated how you can build and deploy graph-based machine learning models. AuraDS is graph data science as a service now running as a managed service on top of GCP. With the Neo4j Graph Data Science... read more