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Unlock the Power of Graph Data Science With AuraDS Enterprise on AWS

AWS and Neo4j are offering scalable and intelligent tools to help data scientists quickly gain insights from their data. By adding graph algorithms and embeddings to ML pipelines, data scientists can now explore billions of data points in seconds, identify hidden connections, and generate... read more

This Week in Neo4j: GPT, NASA, Generative AI, Apache Age, Cypher, Chatbot and More

This week's newsletter features a few articles on GPT (version intentionally omitted), reflecting its increasing use with knowledge graphs. "An Ensemble Chatbot for Healthcare," by Neo4j Ninja Sixing Huang and Hong Wang, describes how crowdsourcing chatbots can produce more accurate results. In... read more

Veronica Gendner NODES Speaker

This Week in Neo4j: Recommendation, Needle, Microservices, Data Import, Data Analysis, and More

Welcome to this week's roundup! Read on for info about upcoming free trainings, as well as several good articles. Try "What is Graph Data Science?" for a good point of departure to integrate graph data science techniques into your data science team. Another suggestion is "Ingesting Big Data into... read more

How to Explore SAP Sample Data in Neo4j – Graph for ERP Part 2

Purpose The use of graph databases for data exploration is becoming increasingly popular in various industries and as we have seen previously, complements and can even modernize existing technologies in your stack. This article aims to provide a step-by-step guide for those modernizing their... read more

Graphs for Ease and Scalability in the Auto Industry: The 5-Minute Interview with Michal Stefanak

​​"I think graph database is the only database we should use – at all. It's the best one. After using Neo4j, I don't want to go back to relational databases. The Neo4j database is perfect. It's exactly the way people think and how you draw all the UML diagrams and everything. It's exactly... read more

This Week in Neo4j: FOSDEM 2023 Sessions, Full Stack GraphQL, Data Importer Updates, dict2graph, NeoDash on Azure, and More

This week, check out the recorded livestream reviews of Will Lyon's book, Full Stack GraphQL Applications, which is all about how to build web applications using GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database. Each episode of the Full Stack GraphQL Book Club series reviews a chapter of the book and... read more