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Learn about the newest features in Neo4j Bloom 1.4

Graph Visualization Just Got Easier: Introducing Neo4j Bloom 1.4!

A few weeks ago, we released Neo4j Bloom version 1.4 with new features to help you get started investigating graphs visually and providing new ways of viewing different types of graphs. We focused on these areas because, although people perform various types of activities in Bloom, it’s... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Graph-Native Machine Learning in Neo4j, All About Super Nodes, Quick prototyping with GRAND stack

Hi everyone, We hope you enjoyed the NODES 2020 conference on Tuesday. The DevRel team had fun interacting with you in the various sessions. We know that you probably weren’t able to attend all the sessions that you attended but, fear not, the sessions were all recorded and are... read more

Learn about Neo4j Graph Data Science 1.4

Announcing: Graph-Native Machine Learning in Neo4j!

We’re delighted to announce you can now take advantage of graph-native machine learning (ML) inside of Neo4j! We’ve just released a preview of Neo4j’s Graph Data Science™ Library version 1.4, which includes graph embeddings and an ML model catalog. Together, these enable you to... read more

Check out the Virtual Expo Space at NODES 2020.

NODES 2020 Virtual Space: Have a Peek

NODES 2020, on October 20 (pssst… that's tomorrow!), is shaping up to be epic! Along with 70+ presentations from leading graph database experts and multiple talk tracks – all content that's 100% for developers – we're also featuring a Virtual Space for our sponsors to showcase their... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Neo4j 4.0 procedure examples, Connecting your React app to Neo4j with React Hooks, New Graph Algorithms Training

Hi everyone, The NODES 2020 conference is almost upon us. It all gets underway from 8am Eastern Time on Tuesday October 20th 2020. Hope to (virtually) see you there! We’ve just finished the virtual training sessions for Neo4j Certified Professionals, so thank you to all of you... read more