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NODES 2022 Speaker Highlights

Join us virtually on November 16 and 17 for NODES 2022 – the best place to learn everything about graph technology. Whether your interest is in graphs fueled by machine learning, graphs for knowledge search and retrieval, or graphs leveraged for AI-based product recommendation, this 24-hour... read more

Combating Disease Using Graphs: The 5-Minute Interview With Henrik Enquist

“As a beginner starting to use Neo4j for the first time, I would say just go with it, try it, play with a movie example data set, and just get familiar with it. It's really quite logical once you figure out the first few steps,” says Henrik Enquist, Advanced IT Developer at Novo... read more

Loading Data into Neo4j with Google Cloud Dataflow

Today’s enterprises don’t just need to manage larger volumes of data – they need to generate insight from their existing data. In cases such as product recommendation in retail, fraud detection in FSI, and identity management in gaming, the relationships between data points can matter more... read more

New Book: Full Stack GraphQL Applications (Download for Free!)

We published a new book! This technical deepdive about full stack GraphQL applications is hot off the presses, and we want to give you a sneak peek into its offerings. This first chapter teaser is going to whet your appetite for more expert insights into building data-intensive applications,... read more

A Power User’s Experience on Using Graph Databases to Drive Better Decision Making

“Bloom visualization makes it easy to drive discussion and help my clients understand the cheapest, fastest, or the greatest value path available to them and drive better decision making,” said Rob Orlando, Chief Operations Officer, Processus Group. I recently met with Rob... read more

Kateryna Nesvit

This Week in Neo4j: Cypher Queries, IKEA Knowledge Graph, Linkedln Course, and More

This week we're featuring a post by biomedical engineer Tom Nijhof, who explains how his performance issues were solved by using Cypher query parameters. This allows for the query plan to be cached and reused. An important step along the way was to batch the writes using Cypher’s Unwind feature... read more