It was the evening of November 9th, 2016 – the day after the U.S. presidential election – and I was sitting down with my daughter’s preschool teacher, and the stories she was about to tell me would quickly eclipse the typical topics of any parent-teacher conference.
The Neo4j team condemns Trump's executive order on refugees; we respond with better data journalism

The 5-Minute Interview: Wouter Crooy, Technical Lead at albumprinter

"Neo4j stood out of the NoSQL movement as having all the advantages of traditional relational databases," said Wouter Crooy, Technical Lead at albumprinter. While relational databases work well for some use cases, albumprinter relies on a polyglot persistence architecture to provide customers with a way to easily manage and create products from their personal photo collections. In this... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Wouter Crooy, Technical Lead at albumprinter


Collaborative Filtering: Creating the Best Teams Ever

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by Maurits van der Goes at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here's a quick review of what he covered: Why do we need virtual teams? How to develop a graph recommendation engine How to overcome filtering challenges to develop effective graph algorithms The basics — and benefits — of collaborative filtering – What we’re going to be... Read more →

Watch Maurits van der Goes' presentation on how to use collaborative filtering to develop effective graph algorithms


From the Neo4j Community: January 2017

The year is off to a great start when to comes to the Neo4j community. If this month is any indication of what's to come, then we know that 2017 will be a big year for Neo4j projects, drivers and integrations across the board. Here are some of our favorite picks from last month's Neo4j community contributions. If you would like to see your post featured in February's “From the Neo4j... Read more →

Discover all of the great articles created by the Neo4j community in January 2017


The 5-Minute Interview: John Swain, Data Science Product Manager at Right Relevance

"When I initially chose Neo4j, it was a startup project. I found it extremely useful and easy to use, and immediately realized it was the way we wanted to develop," says John Swain, Product Manager for Data Science and Data Products at Right Relevance. Coming from the world of SQL and relational databases, Swain quickly grasped the power that was afforded by a graph database, especially when... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with John Swain, Product Manager for Data Science at Right Relevance


Reintroducing the Neo4j Online Meetup

Back in 2013 we ran several online meetups but it eventually fizzled out as we’ve focused on local, in-person meetups for the last three years. These have worked well for the most part but we’ve heard from lots of Neo4j community members that they can't attend because of location or time constraints. In an attempt to solve this problem we’re bringing back the Neo4j Online Meetup which... Read more →

Learn all about the reintroduction of the Neo4j Online Meetup group and register for more updates


The 5-Minute Interview: Cindee Madison, Data Engineer at Gallium Artistic Services

"Using artificial intelligence, we're creating what you could call a social network of the mind," says Cindee Madison, Data Engineer at Gallium Artistic Services. With tools such as IBM Watson — which provides the technology that allows robots to check you into your hotel, among other things — graph databases have become increasingly important partners in the world of artificial... Read more →

Catch this week's 5-Minute Interview with Cindee Madison, Data Engineer at Gallium Artistic Services



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