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Unlimited Possibilities: 5-Minute Interview with David Mohr

"My favorite thing about Neo4j is that the technology is such a game changer for how our customers are leveraging data. It's so different from what they've been doing. And it really drives a lot of value for their business," said Dave Mohr, director of North American East Region sales for... read more

Graph-Powered Recommendations: A Framework for Faster Development

Recommendation engines have become a crucial component of modern applications of all types. This core need has triggered a shift from relational and big-data approaches to graph-based technologies that are purpose-built to handle the rigorous demands of real-time recommendations. This week, in... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Data Modeling Best Practices, JHipster and Neo4j, Circular Money Flow, Visualizing a Spring Integration graph

Hi graph gang, In this week’s video, we have a presentation by Max De Marzi where he shares graph data modeling best practices. Vladimir Plizga builds a Spring Integration Graph, JHipster now has support for Neo4j, and the CFP for NODES 2020 is now open. And finally, Vlad... read more

Learn how automotive and manufacturing industries use Neo4j for supply chain management and customer 360.

Graphs in Automotive and Manufacturing: Unlock New Value from Your Data

Editor’s Note: This webinar was given by Joe Depeau in June 2019. For more webinars like this one, check out upcoming and on-demand video content in the Neo4j Webinar library. Presentation Summary At Neo4j, we believe that graphs are everywhere. In this post, we'll take a look at... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Neosemantics 4.0, REST to Graph, Neo4j OGM with Quarkus, Beat Saber Graph

Hi graph gang, In this week’s video, we have a presentation by Jesus Barrasa and Adam Cowley about the launch of a Neo4j 4.0 compatible version of Neosemantics and its accompanying graph app. Jean-Michel Daignan analyses Beat Saber data, Sebastian Daschner shows how to use Neo4j... read more

Catch this week's GraphCast: Graphs4Good Community Effort to Fight COVID-19 with Knowledge Graph

#GraphCast: Graphs4Good Knowledge Graph to Fight COVID-19

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our News Editor, Jessica Baumgardner, showed us how a social knowledge graph improves remote collaboration for the home workforce in these very remote... read more