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Happy Global Graph Celebration Day 2021!

This is the third year we're celebrating Global Graph Celebration Day, in honor of the birthday of Swiss mathematician and inventor of graph theory, Leonhard Euler. And just like in years past, we've got a few ways for all of you graph enthusiasts to celebrate! In a recent article in The... read more

Advantages of Neo4j Aura Enterprise: Effortless and Scalable

Why You Need a Fully Managed Graph Data Platform Today’s developers and data practitioners face daunting challenges: An urgent need for advanced analytics to inform business strategy Morasses of siloed data, subject to increasing regulation Digital initiatives slowed or even... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Neo4j & Python, Model Git Commits, Slack to Discord, Open Names Data,

Hello, everyone! In this week’s episode, Madison shows us how to use Neo4j with Python using the Py2neo package and includes steps and template code for recreating her walkthrough. Tom shows us how to model git commits with Neo4j and explains some contrasts between the same use... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Neo4j & Django, Analyzing Genomes, GGCD, Change Data Capture,

Hello, everyone! In this week’s episode, don’t forget to join us for Global Graph Celebration Day on April 15! Neo4j is hosting an extended meetup with content and announcements. Cristina starts us off with a walkthrough of using Django and Neo4j together on the Paradise... read more

Graphs for Real-Time Transaction Processing: 5-Minute Interview with Jorge Zaccaro

“Once we noticed that we were modeling transactions as a graph, we went out to look for a native graph database and we found that Neo4j was a great fit for this use case,” said Jorge Zaccaro, Software Engineer at Minka. How does Neo4j help you solve that problem? We describe our use... read more