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You already know the top nine reasons you should attend GraphConnect Europe this year, but besides the fantastic networking opportunities with some of the world’s most advanced graph database developers, architects and CTOs, there’s one reason that outshines them all:… Learn More →
Learn all about the 10 most spectacular speakers at GraphConnect Europe in 2017

Configuration Management at Deutsche Bahn: A CMM4 Managed Environment for Data Centers

TL;DR: A team at Deutsche Bahn’s IT provider DB Systel has created a groundbreaking solution for configuration management based on Structr and Neo4j. As the internal IT partner of the Deutsche Bahn AG, both on national and international levels, DB Systel GmbH operates an enormous number of servers, network components, software platforms, data centers, projects and applications to deliver... Read more →

Learn how Deutsche Bahn's IT partner used Neo4j and Structr for IT configuration management


Data Journalism in the Connected Age [GraphConnect Europe Preview]

Long before the publication of the Panama Papers investigation in April last year – which was mostly recently awarded the Pulitzer Prize, among other accolades – data journalism had had to deal with vast amounts of highly connected information. Traditionally investigative journalism was a very focused, single-person operation. But with the recent increase of data leaks, organizations like... Read more →

Learn more about the data journalism hackathon, talks & panel discussion at GraphConnect Europe 2017


Custom Security Plugins & User-Defined Procedures in Neo4j Enterprise Edition [Security Series, Part 5]

When it comes to graph database security, it's essential that you have the flexibility to customize every factor of authentication and authorization for your specific deployment. After all, no architecture or organization is the same, so you need the versatility of custom security plugins to ramp up database security and access control according to your desired levels. In the same vein, it's... Read more →

Learn more about custom security plugins and access control for user-defined procedures in Neo4j


This Week in Neo4j – 22 April 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days. Featured Community Member: Dmitry Vrublevsky Dmitry Vrublevsky from Neueda Labs This week’s featured community member is Dmitry Vrublevsky who works for Neueda Labs and has been very active in Neo4j’s community for quite... Read more →


Fraud Prevention with Neo4j: A 5-Minute Overview

Fraud is becoming increasingly difficult to discover and prevent as fraudsters are increasingly employing complex techniques and advanced technologies to perpetrate fraud. Who Are Today's Fraudsters? Today, fraudsters are organized in groups, possess synthetic or manufactured identities – which in many cases are stolen. They are also using hijacked devices unknown to the owners.... Read more →

Learn about how to use Neo4j for fraud prevention in this five-minute overview video and blog post


GraphConnect Europe Agenda: Everything You Need to Know [2017 Edition]

You already have all the reasons you should attend GraphConnect Europe and now you know who the top 10 presenters will be, but now it's time for the easiest selling point of all: the bottom-to-top agenda of all the keynotes, presentations and lightning talks you can attend at Europe's graph technology event of the year. See the full agenda right here on GraphConnect.com or check out the... Read more →

Learn what's on the 2017 agenda for GraphConnect Europe happening on 11th May 2017 in London



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