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Check out this 5-minute interview with Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad

Identity and Access Management: 5-Minute Interview with Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad

I am pleased to share this interview with Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad, senior identity and access management architect at Nulli. In this conversation, Seyed explains why he believes that the more people realize the significance of relationships between identities and the connections among them,... read more

Learn how to visualize fraud with Neo4j and GRANDstack.

Visualizing Fraud with Neo4j and GRANDstack

To detect fraud fast, analysts need to see a real-world view of the data. Visualizations help answer the key questions: Who was involved? Where and when did it happen? What assets do they hold? And most importantly, how are each of these details connected? In this blog post, I use Neo4j and the... read more


This Week in Neo4j – Using Neo4j 4.2 With Cloudflare Workers, Single Sign-On for Neo4j, Building a Spotify Dashboard

Hi everyone, If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a good (but presumably quieter!) one this year. We’re almost at the end of our latest national lockdown in the UK, so we’ll soon be allowed to meet some people again. Anyway…​on with the content. Will... read more

Learn about this updated GraphAcademy course on ML link prediction

Updated GraphAcademy Course: Using a Machine Learning Workflow for Link Prediction

We have updated a course in our catalog of free online courses – Using a Machine Learning Workflow for Link Prediction. This course is intended for experienced Cypher and Python developers and data scientists who want to learn how to apply graph algorithms from the Neo4j Graph Data... read more