The 9 GraphConnect San Francisco Speakers You Simply Can’t Miss

There are a lot of great reasons to attend GraphConnect San Francisco, but one of the best reasons is that every year we feature an entirely new lineup of the world's absolute first-rate speakers and graph technology experts. The five-year anniversary of GraphConnect is no exception to our great arrangement of presenters, and while this year features nearly 30 speakers in four different... Read more →

Learn the top nine most interesting speakers featured at GraphConnect San Francisco in 2016


Structr: We Finally Made the Step to Cypher and Neo4j 3.0!

Structr is a Silver sponsor of GraphConnect San Francisco. Meet their team on October 13-14th at the Hyatt Regency SF. After months of consideration, preparation, and also weeks of hard work, we finally completed the transition to Cypher and the Bolt protocol. And we couldn't be happier. We recently announced the first beta version of the upcoming Structr 2.1, running on Neo4j 3.0 using the... Read more →

Learn how Structr has been improved by upgrading to Neo4j 3.0 and Cypher and test the 2.1 release


Introducing the Newest RDBMS-to-Neo4j ETL Tool

Introduction The Neo4j team is beginning to work on better ways of integrating Neo4j with other data management systems and data sources. A common case is the need to import data from existing databases, either to seed a new Neo4j database, or to maintain a graph data model view in sync with an existing data store. There are many approaches to data integration: one common approach is the... Read more →

Learn about the new Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool for migrating data from RDBMS to Neo4j


The 5-Minute Interview: Irina Balaur, Researcher at EISBM

For this week's 5-Minute Interview, I chatted with Irina Balaur, Postdoctoral Researcher at the European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine in Lyon, France. I caught up with Irina at GraphConnect Europe last April. Here's what we talked about: Talk to me about how you use Neo4j — what project are you currently working on? Irina Balaur: I'm using Neo4j as part of the... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Irina Balaur, Researcher at the EISBM


“Google” Your Own Brain: Create a CMS with Neo4j & Elasticsearch [Community Post]

Grasp Theory is a project that is exploring a new way to catalogue and recall documents that are personally relevant. This article describes some high-level concepts being used that leverage Neo4j. The Power of the Graph Having a graph to represent connections between content is really powerful. It’s a really hot topic and Google solidified a dynasty off their PageRank algorithm... Read more →

Learn how to create a content management system (CMS) using Neo4j, Mazerunner and Elasticsearch


Imperative vs. Declarative Query Languages: What’s the Difference?

The history of programming languages goes back to the beginning of computing, with new languages being created for each variation and paradigm. When it comes to databases, two well-known paradigms include imperative and declarative query languages. All too often, the latter is often broadly defined as being any database query language that is not imperative. However, to define it in such a... Read more →

Explore imperative and declarative query languages and their different advantages and disadvantages



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