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Knowledge Graphs

How Knowledge Graphs Drive More Sales With Real-Time Recommendation Engines

Are you familiar with knowledge graphs? What about graph technology in general? If you’re in the retail business, this presentation could be a game-changer. I explore the myriad ways knowledge graphs can transform your business and share some use cases of how some of today’s leading... read more

Our Journey to Self-Discovery: Synthesizing 30 Years of Data Pipelines With Knowledge Graphs

At Connections: Knowledge Graphs for Transformation, Senior Director of Knowledge Graphs at Neo4j, Maya Natarajan interviewed Mayank Gupta, Senior Vice President of Technology at LPL Financial, who described how LPL Financial uses knowledge graphs to overcome FinServ data challenges. First... read more

Grant Beasley

This Week in Neo4j: Graphs4Good, GraphQL, Game of Life, Information Extraction, Cypher Map Projection, and More

GraphConnect is right around the corner! We are so excited to get together with the community for this long-awaited onsite event in Austin, Texas, from June 6 – 8, 2022. You can learn all about it – speakers, content, and social events – online. There's still time for you join the... read more

Graphs for Cybersecurity: Cyberthreats, Vulnerabilities, and Risk

Note: This blog post is an extract from the Graphs for Cybersecurity white paper by Dave Voutila, Gal Bello, Tara Jana, and Deb Cameron. Cyberattacks had been on the rise for years, with nation state threat actors and foreign hacking collectives joining in, devoting more time and resources... read more

Please Welcome Chandra Rangan, Neo4j’s Chief Marketing Officer!

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Chandra Rangan, Neo4j’s new Chief Marketing Officer, to our company and community. This role is essential as we continue to evolve globally and expand across industries. With graph technology exploding – and Neo4j on the frontlines of that growth... read more