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Neo4j Graph Framework and Project Assessment

As the category creator and the global leader of graph databases, at Neo4j we understand the complexity of creating new solutions leveraging graph technology. Developed by Neo4j Global Services with the experience honed through hundreds of successful implementations, the Neo4j Graph Framework... read more

How Graphs Power OpenSanctions: The 5-Minute Interview with Friedrich Lindenberg

You’ve probably heard of the Panama Papers and the Pandora Papers, but you may not be familiar with OpenSanctions... yet. OpenSanctions is the brainchild of Friedrich Lindenberg. It uses graph technology to analyze different datasets to identify significant individuals around the globe... read more

From Collected Data to Connected Data: How Knowledge Graphs Are Changing the World

Brandon Richards – APAC General Manager, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Daniel Ng – Vice President of APAC, based in Singapore, are two of Neo4j’s most visible nodes. They sat down with Disruptive Tech Asia to talk about the current state of graphs, and what they see on the... read more

Empowering Employees With Graph Technology

In today’s blog, I am going to talk about Viasat's Compass. In addition to being a technical product owner, I also manage the CIO Office at Viasat and am responsible for digital transformation. Before I dive in, I’ll share a little background on my graph journey. I studied biomedical... read more

Mark Heckler

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Data Science, Microservices, Java, Chatbot, PHP, Spring Data, and More

Summer is the perfect time to relax in the shade and enjoy inspiring talks about graphs from GraphConnect! We've just published the developer and data science presentations with business cases and in-depth tech talks. Don't hesitate to take a look; a sign-in is required. As you plan for the Fall,... read more

How Graphs Crystallize Connections: The 5-Minute Interview With Brandon Campbell

“Graphs are just really beautiful to look at. The structure of them is almost crystalline sometimes. Seeing knowledge and abstract concepts turned into something you can look at is exciting to me,” says Brandon Campbell, Ontologist & Graph Architect at Northrop Grumman. We caught... read more