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Get the full schedule of online talks for NODES 2019.

Connecting our Community with NODES 2019 Viewing Parties!

Neo4j is a global company with a global community. One of the biggest benefits of this, is that we have a community that’s diverse in cultures, native languages, and beliefs, whom all share a common love for graphs and connected data. While it's amazing to have people from all around the... read more

This Week in Neo4j – NODES 2019 Preview: Knowledge Graphs, Building a SurveyMonkey Clone, Sentiment Analysis with Neo4j and GCP

This week we preview the Knowledge Graph talks at the NODES 2019 conference and we learn how to do sentiment analysis with Neo4j and GCP NLP. Stefan Dreverman continues his series on building questionnaires using Neo4j, Max De Marzi builds a property graph, and there’s a paper... read more

SQL Server Advocate Turns Graph:
5-Minute Interview with Dee Pandian

"I got a fairly big data set, around 2 gigabytes, and I created the same kind of relationships in SQL Server and in Neo4j. When I got the results back, that was a wow moment,” said Dee Pandian, Deputy Director of CyForce at Jacobs Engineering. In this week's five-minute interview... read more

Read how you can utilize graph technology to enhance your artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How Graphs Enhance Artificial Intelligence

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Amy Hodler at GraphTour San Francisco in May 2019. Presentation Summary In an everlasting race to achieve technological advancement, many companies are looking at artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as the next big step toward... read more

Get the full schedule of online talks for NODES 2019.

NODES 2019: Announcing 52 Online Talks from Leading Graph Experts

On Thursday, October 10th, we’ll be gathering developers from all around the world for the first-ever *FREE* Neo4j Online Developer Conference: NODES 2019! We're happy to announce that we've selected 52 talks to be presented from speakers in 10+ countries, including the keynote from our CEO... read more

Neo4j News: GQL to incorporate and consider several graph database languages.

GQL Is Now a Global Standards Project alongside SQL

The votes are in. This past June, national standards bodies around the world – belonging to ISO/IEC's Joint Technical Committee 1 (responsible for IT standards) – began voting on the GQL project proposal. Graph Query Language (GQL) is a new language being developed and maintained by the... read more