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This Week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j – Advent of Graphs, Neo4j 4.4, 2021 Graphie Awards, Graph Embeddings

The brilliant Advent of Code is like a classic text-based adventure game mixed with small coding puzzles, solvable with any programming language. How many can you complete with pure Cypher? This week we have lots to celebrate: The launch of Neo4j 4.4 With massive gains in data processing... read more

Neo4j 4.4

Neo4j 4.4 – The Fastest Path to Graph Database Productivity, Generally Available

We are thrilled to announce the GA release of Neo4j Graph Database 4.4. Neo4j Graph Database is the heart of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform, and the most widely deployed graph database, serving enterprise use cases across industries, including life sciences, utilities, financial services,... read more

The Results Are In: Here Are This Year’s Graphie Award Winners

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s Graphie Award winners! This annual celebration honors people, projects, and companies from all around the world for excellence in the connected data space. With the Graphies, we’re able to showcase innovative and impactful graph-based projects... read more

This Week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j – Jeremy Grignard, Pegasus, FastRP, and a Brand New Node.js Course on GraphAcademy

Hello, everyone! This week I would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers across the globe. I hope you have all enjoyed time with your family and friends. With everything that has gone on over the past couple of years, I’m sure there is a lot for us all to be... read more