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Get down into the details of important data from the web with Norconex and Neo4j.

Importing Data from the Web with Norconex & Neo4j

Neo4j provides many tools for importing data, such as LOAD CSV (from Cypher queries) and the neo4j-admin import tool. It is also possible to import data from many other systems like ElasticSearch, SQL databases, MongoDB, and CouchBase (using an APOC procedures plugin). Finally, ETL... read more

Neo4j 4.0 Security Rocks: The 5-Minute Interview with Michal Bachman, CEO, GraphAware

"I love the ability to apply security on nodes and relationships in a very flexible way. I’ve already shown it to some of our customers, and they love it as well," said Michal Bachman, CEO at GraphAware. As the founder of GraphAware, Michal Bachman has helped dozens of customers implement... read more

Learn how to use Neo4j in business process modeling scenarios.

Part 1: Using Neo4j in Business Process Modeling Scenarios

When people think about Neo4j and problems it's good at solving, there's a pretty wide range of use cases that come to mind: recommendation engines, fraud ring detection, bills of materials, social network scenarios, multi-level marketing systems, asset management and analysis, role-based access... read more

Learn how Nordstorm used Neo4j to personlize recommendations.

Personalized Product Recommendations at Nordstrom

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Seth Dimick at GraphConnect New York in September 2018. At the time Dimick gave this talk, he was a data scientist at Nordstrom. Presentation Summary Using a property graph model to surface relevant content to users is now common practice for many... read more