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Connections Improve Accuracy

AI & Graph Technology: Connections Improve Accuracy

In last week's blog in our five-part series on AI and graph technology, we looked at how graphs offer greater efficiency of processing, and how graph-accelerated machine learning uses graphs to optimize models and speed up processes. This week, as we continue giving you a glimpse into how... read more

This Week in Neo4j – 4.0 Milestone Testing, Highschool Popularity Algorithms, Minecraft Crafting Tree, Cancer Graph and Social Network Pagination

Happy Saturday everyone, Mark Needham, our trusted curator of "This Week in Neo4j is off for a few weeks to be with his newborn baby daughter - All the best for your family Mark! So we will take care that your weekly update of interesting things from the Neo4j community continues, sorry for... read more

Discover how knowledge graphs make deep connections.

Visualizing This Week in Tech

Every week there seems to be an overwhelming amount of things happening in the tech world. New startups, products, funding rounds, acquisitions and scientific breakthroughs. All this results in a great deal of news content being produced. TechCrunch publishes about 250 stories every week... read more

AI & Graph Technology: How Graphs Accelerate Machine Learning

Last week in our five-part series on AI and graph technology, we examined knowledge graphs, which offer context for decision support. This week we continue giving you a glimpse into how a graph technology platform like Neo4j enhances AI with context with a look at how graphs offer greater... read more

Check out this 5-minute interview with Tim Hanssen of Mediaconnect.

Blazing Fast Recommendations: 5-Minute Interview with Tim Hanssen

"We tried recommendations at first with classic relational databases. It worked, but it was really slow," said Tim Hanssen, CTO and Founder of Mediaconnect. It’s 11 a.m. The festival tickets are on sale now. About 500,000 people rush the site. There are 200,000 tickets. How do you decide who... read more