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Neerav Vyas, Realogy, discusses the value of integrating graph databases into their lead conversion process.

Driving Innovation and Powering Advanced Analytics with Neo4j

Neerav Vyas is the Head of Analytics at Realogy Holdings Corp. As an economist and a Neo4j user, he helps clients with graph analytics. In this presentation, Vyas illustrates how the journey of real estate should be a connected process and shares the story of his own move to New York City. He... read more

This Week in Neo4j – SKOS taxonomy, Asset Management System, Introduction to Liquigraph

Hi graphistas, It’s been a bit of a hectic week over here. My highlight was presenting some online Neo4j training with the 1-year old playing in the background! I hope things are going well wherever you are in the world. Our video this week is an introduction to Liquigraph from... read more

Top 10 Graph Database Use Cases: Fraud Detection

Graph technology is the future. Not only do graph databases effectively store relationships between data points, but they’re also flexible in adding new kinds of relationships or adapting a data model to new business requirements. But how do companies today use graph databases to solve tough... read more

Energy leader Enel X uses Neo4j for IoT

Mapping IoT to the Graph: 5-Minute Interview with Per Gyllstrom

"If you think about IoT and the hierarchical structure of how IoT works, it's a natural mapping to a graph database. We previously used relational databases, but in a graph, all the relationships are compiled so it's a lot faster and more natural to navigate and use," said Per Gyllstrom,... read more