The 5-Minute Interview: Galit Gontar, Software Engineer at Glidewell Laboratories

"We chose a graph database because it’s so much more expressive and a natural representation of the type of data we work with," says Galit Gontar, Software Engineer at Glidewell Laboratories in Irvine, California. In fact, Gontar and the Glidewell team have found the graph data model to be useful beyond just one or two niche use cases. The flexibility, she says, allows the Neo4j graph... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Galit Gontar, Software Engineer at Glidewell Laboratories


Analyzing the BuzzFeed TrumpWorld Dataset with Neo4j

I came across this tweet by Sanchez Castro which I am more than happy to support. Hey @neo4j please do this once again!!! #panamapapers #neo4j— sanchezcastro (@SCHZCAS) January 15, 2017 As part of the Buzzfeed article Help Us Map TrumpWorld, the four investigative journalists, John Templon, Alex Campbell, Anthony Cormier, and Jeremy Singer-Vine asked the public... Read more →

Discover how to use Neo4j to analyze the TrumpWorld dataset provided by data journalists at BuzzFeed


From the Neo4j Community: December 2016

The Neo4j community is already off to a busy start for the new year with tons of new projects and drivers, but before we dive into new items from 2017, let's take one last look at 2016 and discover what projects the Neo4j community published last December. From Docker and Elixir to Bolt and AngularJS, there's lots to explore. If you would like to see your post featured in January's “From... Read more →

Explore all of the great articles created by the Neo4j community in December 2016


The 5-Minute Interview: Bradley Nussbaum, CEO of AtomRain

"Data that isn't connected just isn't as useful," says Bradley Nussbaum, CEO at AtomRain in Los Angeles. The world of big data is no longer just taking notice of graph database technology — they're taking action to implement it because they see its potential. The result is that the industry is now demanding connected data and more of it. In this week's 5-Minute Interview (conducted at... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Bradley Nussbaum, CEO of AtomRain


Oracle RDBMS + Neo4j: Fully Sync Relational and Graph Data

Using the Neo4j graph database doesn't have to be opposed to your existing Oracle RDBMS infrastructure. In fact, the two can work together. One of many ways Neo4j works alongside Oracle RDBMS is to have all data fully synchronized between the two database technologies. In this Neo4j and Oracle blog series, we'll explore how these two database technologies work together in tandem to deliver... Read more →

Learn how and why to fully synchronize your relational and graph data between Oracle RDBMS and Neo4j


The 5-Minute Interview: Daniel Himmelstein, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Pennsylvania

"This is a really advanced graph algorithm and Cypher nailed it,” said Daniel Himmelstein, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Before using Neo4j, it took as many as 1,000 lines of code to write the main query for Himmelstein's graph algorithm used in a bioinformatics application. But with Neo4j's Cypher graph query language, the query took only 20 lines. In this... Read more →

Catch this week's 5-Minute Interview with Daniel Himmelstein, University of Pennsylvania



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