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Emil Eifrem

CEO & Co-Founder, Neo4j, Inc.

Emil Eifrem sketched what today is known as the property graph model on a flight to Mumbai in 2000. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j and a co-author of the O’Reilly book Graph Databases, he’s devoted his professional life to building and evangelizing graph databases.

Committed to sustainable open source, Emil guides Neo4j along a balanced path between free availability and commercial reliability. He plans to save the world with graphs and own Larry’s yacht by the end of the decade. Emil tweets at @emileifrem.

Latest Posts by Emil Eifrem

Introducing a New GenAI Stack for Developers

Today we are launching a new stack for building GenAI-powered applications together with our friends at Docker, LangChain, and Ollama. The GenAI Stack is a great way to quickly get started building GenAI-backed applications. It includes Neo4j as the default database for vector search and... read more

Neo4j Hires Twilio Veteran Alyson Welch as its First Chief Revenue Officer

Please Welcome Alyson Welch, Neo4j’s Chief Revenue Officer

I am so excited to welcome Alyson Welch, Neo4j’s new Chief Revenue Officer, to our company and community! Alyson will lead our global field and partner operations, services, and customer success organizations. Alyson’s track record for leading revenue organizations for success from $100MM... read more

Please Welcome Chandra Rangan, Neo4j’s Chief Marketing Officer!

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Chandra Rangan, Neo4j’s new Chief Marketing Officer, to our company and community. This role is essential as we continue to evolve globally and expand across industries. With graph technology exploding – and Neo4j on the frontlines of that growth... read more

Patrick Pichette Joins Neo4j Board of Directors

Please Welcome Patrick Pichette – Inovia Partner, Former CFO at Google, and Current Twitter Board Member – to the Neo4j Board

Update: Patrick now serves on the Board of Directors of Twitter as an independent director. It is my pleasure to announce that Patrick Pichette has joined the Neo4j Board of Directors. Patrick is a partner at Inovia Capital, former CFO at Google, and currently the Board Chair at Twitter... read more

Check out Emil's statement on Neo4j's largest funding round in database history.

Neo4j Raises the Largest Funding Round in Database History

Editor's Note: This blog originally appeared on the Emil Eifrem blog on June 17 2021. Man. I could not be more excited. On the same day that Neo4j burst through the trillion-relationship barrier in my NODES 2021 keynote demo, we are also announcing the largest investment round – not just in... read more

Learn more about Neo4j Aura, the first full managed graph DBaaS.

Introducing Neo4j AuraDB: A New Graph Database as a Service

This post originally appeared on the Emil Eifrem blog on 6 November 2019. I am so thrilled to announce Neo4j AuraDB, the first fully managed native graph Database as a Service (DBaaS). Aura is an entirely new, built-from-the-ground-up, multi-tenant graph DBaaS based on Neo4j. It lets any... read more

Learn why Emil Eifrem believes context is essential for AI standards – both ethical and technical

Toward AI Standards: Why Context Is Critical for Artificial Intelligence

This post originally appeared on the Emil Eifrem blog on 24 June 2019. Just last month, we had a great opportunity to be part of a larger conversation around AI standards. In particular, we responded to a request for information (RFI) from the United States National Institute of Standards and... read more

Learn about Neo4j for Google Cloud, a new tightly integrated, fully managed cloud service

What’s Next for Graphs: Neo4j for Google Cloud

It's official: To a sold-out crowd at Google Cloud Next '19 today, we've formally announced a new strategic partnership with Google Cloud that delivers Neo4j as a fully managed service deeply integrated with the Google Cloud Platform. Now every GCP user has access to graph superpowers –... read more

Learn more about Neo4j's inaugural CFO, Mike Asher, in this interview with CEO Emil Eifrem

It’s High Time Neo4j Had a CFO – Here’s Who We Chose [Interview]

Just yesterday, I got to announce the addition of Denise Persson – CMO at Snowflake – to the Neo4j Board of Directors. Today, I get to announce another incredibly important executive appointment: Mike Asher has joined Neo4j as our inaugural chief financial officer (CFO). Since Mike works... read more

Read this interview with Denise Persson, CMO of Snowflake and Neo4j's newest board member.

Please Welcome Denise Persson – CMO at Snowflake – to the Neo4j Board [Interview]

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Neo4j Board of Directors: Denise Persson. Denise is the Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake Computing, one of the hottest companies in the data space – and like Neo4j, also based in San Mateo, California(!). Denise and I got to sit... read more

Learn why we just closed the largest single investment in the graph technology space and what's next

We Just Closed the Largest Single Investment in the Graph Space. Now What?

I'm thrilled to announce that Neo4j has just closed $80 million in a series E funding round. We are happy to welcome One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital to the graph of Neo4j funders. I'd also like to thank all of our existing investors who participated in this... read more

Learn about the Graphs4Good project and how it supports graph-powered, positive social change

Graphs4Good: Connected Data for a Better World

You're reading this because of a napkin. It was the year 2000, and I was on a flight to Mumbai. Peter, Johan and I had been building an enterprise content management system (ECM) but kept running up against the challenge of using an RDBMS for querying connected data. That's when an idea... read more

Learn more about how Neo4j welcomes the entrance of Amazon Neptune into the graph community

Welcome to the Graph Community, Amazon Neptune!

This post originally appeared on Emil Eifrem's CEO blog on 1 December 2017. Graph technology has come a long way, and today the transformative nature of graphs is publicly visible through examples such as financial fraud detection in Panama and Paradise papers, contextual search and retrieval of... read more

Learn what's next for the graph technology space and why Neo4j just raised a $36 million series D

Why We Just Raised a $36M Series D – and What’s Next for the Graph Space

I'm incredibly excited to announce that the Neo4j team has just raised $36 million in a series D funding round. I am glad to welcome Greenbridge Investment Partners to the graph of Neo4j investors, and I'd like to thank all existing investors who also participated in this round, including... read more

Learn Why the Panama Papers Investigation Couldn't Have Happened Ten Years Ago without Democratized Data Analysis

The Panama Papers: Why It Couldn’t Have Happened Ten Years Ago

Members of the global elite (and everyone else) witnessed first-hand the power of big data analysis earlier this week with the worldwide announcement of the largest data leak in recorded history: the Panama Papers. Led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), this... read more

Discover the Origin Story of Neo4j in Light of Its Recent Ascent to #20 in the DB-Engines Ranking

DB-Engines, Informix and Neo4j: An Origins Story

A funny thing happened four-ish weeks ago. On March 1st, the database industry monitor DB-Engines published their usual monthly ranking report for the world's most popular database management systems. For the first time, Neo4j was listed in the top 20. This is certainly a moment of pride... read more

Learn All about the openCypher project and Why It’s the SQL Equivalent for Graph Technologies

Meet openCypher: The SQL for Graphs

If you haven’t just heard the news from my keynote presentation at GraphConnect San Francisco, you missed what I believe is going to be a defining moment not only for Neo4j but the entire world of graph technologies. Setting aside a few small but smart players such as the former Aurelius team... read more

Why Graph Databases are Perfect for the Internet of Things

Originally published for Silicon Angle Why Graph Databases are Perfect for the Internet of Things Goldman Sachs recently posited that the Internet of Things, the so-called “Third Wave of the Internet,” will “transform the way we live and work” as it opens up “a... read more

Emil Eifrem

Congratulations to Aurelius, Välkommen to DataStax!

Congratulations to Aurelius on the news of your recent acquisition! The Aurelius team has always been our companions in promoting the value of relationships in data, and I wish you all the best as you embark upon the journey of building a new graph database. To our friends at DataStax, not only... read more