When Connected Data Matters Most

Today's most pressing data challenges center around connections, not just discrete data. To overcome these obstacles, you need a connected data technology – a graph database. Explore below the most common use cases and solutions employed with Neo4j, the world's leading graph database.

  • Real-time analysis of data relationships is essential to uncovering fraud rings and other sophisticated scams before fraudsters and criminals cause lasting damage.

    Queries: Anti Money Laundering (AML), Ecommerce Fraud, First-Party Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Link Analysis

  • Tap into the power of graph-based search tools for better digital asset management using the most flexible and scalable solution on the market.

    Queries: Asset Management, Cataloging, Content Management, Inventory, Work Flow Processes

  • Graph databases are inherently more suitable than RDBMS for making sense of complex interdependencies central to managing networks and IT infrastructure.

    Queries: Asset Management, Cybersecurity, Impact Analysis, Quality-of-Service Mapping, Root Cause Analysis

  • Graph-powered recommendation engines help companies personalize products, content and services by leveraging a multitude of connections in real time.

    Queries: Content & Media Recommendations, Graph-Aided Search Engine, Product Recommendations, Professional Networks, Social Recommendations

  • Organize and manage your master data with the flexible and schema-free graph database model in order to get real-time insights and a 360° view of your customers.

    Queries: 360-Degree View of Customer, Cross Reference Business Objects, Data Ownership, Master Data, Organizational Hierarchies

  • Easily leverage social connections or infer relationships based on activity when you use a graph database to power your social network application.

    Queries: Community Cluster Analysis, Friend-of-Friend Recommendations, Influencer Analysis, Sharing & Collaboration, Social Recommendations

  • Quickly and effectively track users, assets, relationships and authorizations when you use a graph database for identity and access management.

    Queries: Access Management, Asset Provenance, Identity Management, Interconnected Group Organization, Resource Authorization

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