Connected Data Brings New Possibilities

Organization and product lines are inherently shaped like graphs: deep hierarchies with top-down, lateral, and diagonal connections. Learn more →

Queries : Cross Reference Business Objects, Organizational Hierarchies, Data Ownership

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Your Master Data Is a Graph: Are You Ready?
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The interconnected physical, virtual, and application layers of a network are perfectly modeled in a comprehensive Neo4j graph. Learn more →

Queries: Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Quality-of-Service Mapping, Asset Management

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How Graph Databases
Solve Problems in Network & Data Center Management
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Connect the dots of seemingly unrelated interests and relationships to make recommendations that balance fresh with familiar. Learn more →

Queries : Product, Social, Service, and Professional Recommendations

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Powering Recommendations
with a Graph Database
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Real-Time Recommendations
Fraud Detection

Real-time analysis with data relationship uncovers fraud rings and other sophisticated scams.Learn more →

Queries : First-Party Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, or E-Commerce Fraud

Fraud Detection
Discovering Connections with Graph Databases
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Family, friends and followers extend into a social graph which reveals patterns of similar behavior, influence, and implicit groups. Learn more →

Queries : Friend Recommendations, Sharing & Collaboration, Influencer Analysis


Who you are, how you belong, and what you’re permitted depends upon the relationships between you, an organization, and a system. Learn more →

Queries : Access Management, Interconnected Group Organization, Provenance


Media library built around the relationships between digital assets and their attributes. Learn more →

Queries : Access Management, Cataloging, Work Flow Processes