Use Cases: Financial Services

Graph Technology in Financial Services

From risk management to securities recommendations, context is key. Find out why top banks across the globe are using Neo4j to solve their connected data challenges.

Use Cases

Stay Agile in Risk & Compliance

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Financial services firms today face increased regulations when it comes to risk and compliance reporting. Rather than update data manually across silos, today's leading financial organizations use Neo4j to unite data silos into a federated metadata model, enabling them to trace and analyze their data across the enterprise as well as update their models in real time. The bottom line: timeliness and accuracy in risk analytics and compliance reporting.

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Fraud Protection

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Simple fraud is straightforward to detect with yesterday's traditional, discrete technologies, but today's fraudsters use sophisticated strategies that require connected link analysis and complex pattern matching. Neo4j graph technology makes such connected data analysis simple and efficient, reducing expensive false positives and adapting to new criminal patterns as they emerge.

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Leverage Your Data across Teams

Leverage Your Data Diagram

Increase your data's rate of return when you coalesce internal silos and external data feeds into an organizational knowledge graph. A dynamically updating knowledge graph increases productivity and revenue by serving up real-time recommendations for both analysts and customer-facing representatives. Using Neo4j's relationship-first approach to data, your financial services firm is empowered to respond to market-moving news, manage risk, analyze opportunities, predict impacts and much more.

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Capture a 360° Customer View

360 Customer View diagram

Empower your sell-side staff and analysts with a comprehensive view of clients and their portfolios when you use a graph database. With Neo4j, you create a unified view of the customer and their journey map by drawing upon data from your product, support and sales silos. Using this 360° view, you can dynamically segment customers to provide hyper-targeted service, offerings and content.

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Powering customers all over the Globe

As new financial regulations loomed, UBS turned to Neo4j to help solve their data lineage challenges. With a data governance platform powered by Neo4j, they improved risk management by tracking information as it flows through the enterprise, monitoring data quality and discovering errors. Read the case study
The Citi Private Banking (CPB) Data, Reporting & Analytics group, with the help of Neo4j, reengineered the data flows from front-to-back to support the business strategy focusing on their global clients and enabling rapid innovation. The graph structure supports the full range of private banking operations, including security requirements, demanding party-related data. Watch the video
Leveraging Neo4j to connect their disparate data sources and manage 1 trillion data relationships, a Global 50 Bank in Latin America was able to gain real-time insights into the bank's data, to reduce credit risk, empower decision making and identify new business opportunities. Read the Case Study


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