Neo4j for GenAI

Unify vector search, knowledge graph, and data science to build breakthrough GenAI apps that deliver highly accurate responses, rich context, and deep explainability.

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GraphRAG Explained

Discover a smarter way to build GenAI apps with Neo4j GraphRAG. By combining knowledge graphs and vector search, GraphRAG infuses your AI with deep context and multi-hop reasoning for more accurate, relevant, and explainable results.


Build Your Next GenAI Breakthrough

Transform data from multiple sources into a graph-based model of entities, their attributes, and how they relate. Continuously enrich the graph by adding new data to uncover patterns and hidden relationships.

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Build smarter apps with fast semantic search across various data types. Find contextually related information and recommend connections based on similarity metrics.

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Analyze data connections and uncover insights with Neo4j’s Graph Data Science library. Tap into 65+ production-ready algorithms for improved predictions and decision-making.

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Accelerate GenAI app development with our integrations for popular AI frameworks and tools. Seamlessly incorporate graph capabilities into your projects using LangChain, LlamaIndex, Hugging Face, and more.

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Develop GenAI applications using the LLMS and services that best fit your needs, including state-of-the-art models and GenAI services from OpenAI, Google (Gemini and Vertex AI), Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Amazon Bedrock, as well as open-source models from HuggingFace, Ollama, and others. With Neo4j, you can build powerful, scalable, and context-driven GenAI solutions with minimal complexity.

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“With GraphRAG, we have an audit trail. By grounding our GenAI in proven technologies like Neo4j on AWS Bedrock, we maintain integrity and reliability for our healthcare customers.”

Pat Blake, CEO

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“Analysts need to be able to dissect exactly how the AI reached a particular conclusion or recommendation. Neo4j enables us to enforce robust information security by applying access controls at the subgraph level.”

Eric Costantini, Chief Business Officer

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“Neo4j is our go-to graph database. Its capabilities like vector similarity search for nodes and the vector search index make implementing and maintaining AI solutions easier when working with graphs.”

Martin Elwin, Senior Director

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