GenAI Stack

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The GenAI Stack is a collaboration between Docker, Neo4j, LangChain and Ollama launched at DockerCon 2023.


On MacOS you have to install and start Ollama first, then you can use the GenAI Stack.

git clone
cd genai-stack

# optionally copy env.example to .env and add your OpenAI/Bedrock/Neo4j credentials for remote models
docker compose up

Functionality Includes

  • Docker Setup with local or remote LLMs, Neo4j and LangChain demo applications

  • Pull Ollama Models and sentence transformer as needed

  • Import Stackoverflow Questions and Answers for a certain tag, e.g. langchain

  • Create Knowledge Graph and vector embeddings for questions and answers

query imported data
  • Streamlit Chat App with vector search and GraphRAG (vector + graph) answer generation

  • Creating "Support Tickets" for unanswered questions taking good questions from StackOverflow and the actual question into account

  • PDF chat with loading PDFs, chunking, vector indexing and search to generate answers

  • Python Backend and Svelte Front-End Chat App with vector search and GraphRAG (vector + graph) answer generation

input answer sources


A detailed walkthrough of the GenAI Stack is available at


Michael Hunger, Tomaz Bratanic, Oskar Hane and many contributors

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